Car Shipping Checklist

Whenever I’m doing anything that I’m not used to doing, I like to have a checklist.

It gives me the peace of mind that I’ve done everything that I was supposed to do.

Imagine that you’re moving and you have to ship your car, with so much on your plate, there’s no way you won’t have a constant thought that you may have forgotten something.

Nothing would make me happier than providing to you the serenity of knowing it’s all taken care of.

Shipping your car cross country?

Here are all of the things you should do first.

Where to Start?

Before you start working on the car shipping checklist for getting your car ready to be shipped, you need to choose the right car auto shipper for you. There are several choices on the market today.

Research Shipping Companies

Speaking of peace of mind, put your car in the hands of capable shippers.

Take the time to research different auto transportation companies. Read online reviews and make sure the company you choose is backed by a solid reputation and glowing reviews.

Experience matters when choosing a car transport company. Don’t miss this part of the car shipping checklist. Make sure you do your research and choose a reputable shipping company for your vehicle.

Get Multiple Car Shipping Quotes

During the research phase of the car shipping checklist, you will likely find a few good options. Take the time to get a few car shipping quotes before finalizing your decision.

You want to make sure you’re getting the best option for a price you can afford. The cheapest quote may not be the right one, and comparing a few options will give you a better picture of what you’re paying for with each auto shipping company.

Call Your Insurance Company

You want to make sure you have the right insurance to cover your vehicle while it’s in transit. A call to your insurance agent will allow you to verify your covers. If you need additional coverage, your agent might be able to provide recommendations.

Our Car Shipping Checklist for Preparing Your Vehicle

After choosing the right shipping company for your vehicle, it’s time to move onto preparing your vehicles. This is a very important part of the car shipping checklist and you want to do it right.

All of the items below should be checked off before shipping your car.

  • Clean Your Vehicle – After a thorough cleaning, it’s easier to spot any cosmetic damage.
  • Document all Cosmetic Damage – It’s a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle and actually write down any cosmetic damage (dents or scratches) you find. Make sure your pictures include a date and time stamp.
  • Take Plenty of Pictures – With the timestamp option turned on, take pictures of the inside and outside of the vehicle. Make sure you get pictures of the undercarriage, as well.
  • Remove Personal Items – When you take your car to be shipped, you should have already removed all personal belongings from the vehicles.
  • Remove Other Items – If the exterior of your car has a bike rack, ski rack, or luggage rack, remove it. You should even remove radio antennas and other exterior items that could fall off or snap off, such as spoilers, ground effects, or spoilers.
  • Make Sure Your Battery is Charged – Your battery needs to have a full charge and you should also make sure it’s securely mounted.
  • Check Your Tires – All tires should be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.
  • Look for Leaks or Other issues – If you find any fluid leaks or mechanical issues, the car shipping company should know about them. They may have to take special precautions if there’s a mechanical issue with your car.
  • Top off All Fluids – You can easily top off the fluids by taking your car for a full-service oil change.
  • Check the Gas Tank – It’s best to leave your vehicle with a quarter tank of gas or less to make it weigh less during shipping.
  • Disable any Alarms – If you have an alarm system on your vehicle, make sure it has been disabled
  • Secure the Top, if the vehicle is a convertible
  • Fold in your Side Mirrors
  • Make sure the Emergency Brake Works
  • Have a Spare Key Made
  • Document Your Mileage

Once you’ve gone through this car shipping checklist, you’re ready to transport your car. You will need to verify any damage or issues found by the shipping company and sign the bill of lading before the vehicle will be shipped. Make sure your documentation matches with theirs to ensure everybody is on the same page.

Our Car Shipping Checklist For Vehicle Arrival

After your vehicle arrives, you want to check a few things. The car shipping checklist won’t be as long as the list for preparation, but it’s just as important.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Just as you did when you prepared your vehicle for shipping, you want to inspect your vehicle for damage. Make sure the damage to your vehicle matches the damage found before shipping the car.

If there is any new damage, you don’t want to sign the bill of lading until it has been documented. You will need to take pictures of the damage and document it as you would for a regular insurance claim.

During the inspection report, check the odometer and make sure to start the vehicle. The goal is to note any new damage or change in condition. If the vehicle is in the same condition, you can sign the bill of lading and move on. If not, you may need to file an insurance claim.

Filing an Insurance Claim

If necessary, you will want to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. Make sure you documented the damage with pictures. Include both the before and after pictures for the insurance company, along with copies of the bill of lading.

Update Your Auto Insurance and Driver’s License

When shipping your vehicle across the country or to a new state, you will need to update your auto insurance and your driver’s license as soon as possible. Most states give you up to 30 days to complete this process, but the sooner the better.

You should also update your insurance if you added coverage for car shipping. If it was a separate policy, you may not need to do anything.

Leave a Review for the Car Shipping Company

The last item on the car shipping checklist is leaving a review. When you choose a shipping company and you leave a review, whether positive, negative, or somewhere in the middle, it helps other customers make the right choice.

It’s a good idea to point out anything you liked and anything you didn’t like about the process. Honest reviews help other customers. If you had a bad experience, it might be a good idea to wait a few days so you’re not leaving a review completely driven by emotion.

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