How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Move?

This guide is designed to help you move during the uncertain times caused by Coronavirus. Filled with advice and updates related to the moving industry, any imminent movers should bookmark this post.

There’s no doubt that it’s an uncertain time across the country and around the world.

COVID-19 is affecting people’s big plans whether they planned on traveling, going to a music festival, or in this case– moving.

Because of all of the uncertainty out there, we created this guide for anyone who is planning a move in the coming months.

This will be the source of future updates in the moving industry and everything you need to know for moving during this Coronavirus.

How is Coronavirus affecting moving right now?

The bottom line is that as of right now, moving companies are still functioning like normal. The nature of moving doesn’t require an extreme amount of personal interactions, making it a lower risk activity than other big-money decisions.

Nevertheless, some moving companies are reporting customers postponing their moves.

This has created a good bit of availability for moving companies to take on new clients.

Moving when there is less demand means that moving companies can assign you their best movers, give you good customer service, and lower moving estimates.

Worried about strangers handling your items?

It’s understandable in times like this.

Some moving companies are taking the temperature of movers before they start working.

Ask your moving company if they do this. If not, you may request it.

Update: Many moving companies are offering options such as “ The No Presence Option” This allows people to be absent from the move to promote a safe distance. Moving companies normally require you to be present for the move.

Because they’ll be alone with your items, make sure you hire movers that you trust.

Stay in Constant Touch with Your Moving Company

Every moving company will have a cancellation policy that should be made available to you.

However, with the seriousness of the situation, extenuating circumstances policies may appear. This will be a case by case situation so know what you’re moving company is up to.

If you haven’t booked your moving company, this is a great example of why it’s so important to book a really good company. Choosing a company solely on price may result in hiring a mover with an inflexible or inconsiderate policy. The moving industry can be brutal.

Downsize, Prepare, and Get Started on What You Can

It’s a good idea to stay put for the moment. However, you can get plenty done for your move right from home. From downsizing, planning your move meticulously, and packing infrequently used items, be ready for when things are back to normal.

Print off our moving checklist and check off the things that you can do starting now. There are so many things to do, you won’t be left twiddling your thumbs.

Some of the things you can go ahead and do now:

See the full list of things to do before your move

Stay up to date on the developments

This one is really easy considering it seems that this is all anyone is talking about at the moment. We recommend sticking to the most reliable sources available to avoid misinformation.

This is especially important for moving because if you do decide to wait to move, you have to understand that millions of people around the world are waiting as well. This means that there will likely be a huge demand for the best movers as soon as all of this passes over so prices may inflate and availability may decrease dramatically.

Explore Your Alternatives

While using a moving company is by far the most convenient way to move, there are other options that you should know about.

There is an extra layer of risk involved with moving right now due to the uncertainty that coronavirus creates. This is why you should be prepared with a plan B and C.

The natural plan B might be using a moving container company. This option allows more time flexibility and less physical interactions with people in a time that social distancing is advised.

Plan C could be any of the many moving options available such as truck rentals and freight moving companies.

Do remember that with any of these options you should be sure to understand each of their cancellation policies and maintain constant contact with the companies as we discussed earlier in the post.