10 Reasons to Move to Billings, Montana

Montana is known for its spectacular landscapes and gorgeous sunsets that appear across the beautiful big sky that can be seen throughout the state. Yet, did you know that Billings is the largest city in Montana? This big city, commonly called “magic city,” has seen more and more people moving to it in recent years.There are numerous reasons to move to Billings, Montana, that we will discuss in our article. So if you have been debating if living in Billings, Montana is the right move, you have come to the right place.

In addition to looking at the many reasons why moving to this city might be an excellent idea, we’re also going to answer a few of the questions people have when debating moving to Billings, MT. So without further ado, let’s look at what this city in the state of Montana has to offer.

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10 Reasons Why People Are Moving Or Should Be Moving To Billings, Montana

Now we know that Billings, Montana, might not be the place for everyone, but there are a few enticing reasons to move here. Have a look below to learn the ten reasons why people are moving or should be moving to Billings, Montana.

1. Close to outdoor attractions

Arguably, one of the most significant reasons people choose to move to Montana is the many available outdoor activities. Montana has it all, from beautiful hiking trails and scenic drives to crystalline rivers and lakes perfect for a fun-filled day out on the water or fishing expeditions.

Although Billings itself is not an outdoor oasis, it is close to many outdoor attractions that people love to visit. If you’re interested in outdoor activities and want to live in a state and city that has access to multiple beautiful outdoor attractions, Billings is ideal.

For example, whenever you want to explore the outdoors, all you need to do is take a short drive three hours out of the city, and you can visit the famous Yellowstone National Park for a hike or sightseeing trip. If this is a little too far away, fear not, as in the winter months, you can travel one hour and reach Red Lodge Mountain skiing for some fun out on the slopes.

2. Sunny weather

You have likely heard that Billings, Montana, is a frigid wasteland year-round with no sign of a sunny day in sight. Well, we want to set the record straight once and for all. Although this city does experience its fair share of cold weather, it has many beautiful sunny days in the summer and spring.

Additionally, compared to the rest of Montana, Billings experiences mild winters, and a typical summer’s day can go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. So, upon moving here, be prepared to bust out those sunglasses, sunscreen, and bathing suits, and be prepared to enjoy your days swimming and taking advantage of outdoor activities in the sunny weather.

3. Mouth-Watering food

Forget everything you have heard about Billings, Montana having a lackluster food scene. This big city indeed has as many fast-food restaurants as the next, but quite a few fancy fine dining and quaint restaurants are available. With how many diverse restaurants there are, you won’t have any problem sating your cravings.

Additionally, if you’re a burger fan, in particular, Billings is sure to not disappoint. This city is home to The Burger Drive, a quirky yet reputable burger joint that is well known throughout the state as making some of the best burgers anyone has ever had the privilege of tasting.

In fact, this restaurant won the 2016 title of “world Burger Champion.” After moving to this city, don’t forget to visit them and try one of the local favorites; the huckleberry burger with goat cheese.

4. Craft breweries

If there is one city that takes pride in brewing its own beer, it’s Billings. Lots of people in the city of Billings have tried their hand at brewing their own beer. That’s likely why nine noteworthy breweries produce some of the best beer you are ever going to taste.

One of the breweries in particular that you should consider visiting is Carter’s. This family-owned and operated local gem is well known in the city for its Porters and IPAs. There is also a walkable self-guided brewery tour in Billings, the only one of its kind in Montana.

In addition to the many craft breweries, there are also two local distilleries and a local winery. Moreover, you will also find numerous bars with a casual and laid-back atmosphere to enjoy a beer or two by your lonesome or with friends after a productive day at work.

5. Many career opportunities

Despite what you might have heard about Billings, this city has many career opportunities, which is why many are choosing to move here. Billings is notably the trade and distribution capital for South and North Dakota and Northern Wyoming in Montana.

Since Billings is home to two state-of-the-art modern hospitals, numerous factories, and other industrial buildings, many jobs are available in energy, healthcare, and manufacturing. Additionally, this city also has an unemployment rate lower than the national average. So if you choose to move here, you are unlikely to have an issue finding a job.

6. Affordable housing

For many people, it’s incredibly important to move to a city or town where they can buy a home for an affordable price. As the biggest city in Montana, it’s unsurprising that Billings has an affordable housing market. When combining affordable housing with the many job opportunities, moving to this city becomes incredibly attractive for families and young people wanting to begin their lives.

According to data, the median home cost in Billings is $331,000. This is incredibly cost-effective when considering how much it actually costs to build or buy a home in other cities in the United States. For example, in Los Angeles, the average home value is $649,570, and in Orange, the average cost for a house is $826,000.

7. Good schools

For many families, it’s crucial to move to a city that has an excellent schooling system comprising reputable schools that are trustworthy. Numerous schools are well known in Billings for their academic and sporting programs.

Additionally, many of the primary and high schools in Billings are recognized as being some of the best in the state of Montana. Some of the best schools in this city include Canyon Creek Junior High School, Central Heights School, Riverstone International School, and Meadowlark School.

8. Cyclist friendly

If you’re someone who enjoys cycling, then you will want to consider moving to Billings. Unlike other cities in the US that are not very cyclist-friendly, Billings is one of the best places for cyclists to participate in cycling activities. In fact, Billings was ranked as one of the top 50 cities for cycling.

One of the most popular places that cyclists enjoy frequenting in this city is the Beartooth Highway. This 68-mile long byway is the perfect spot for avid cyclists to enjoy a challenging ride. In addition to it being good exercise, this byway has been labeled one of the most beautiful in America, so it’s sure to be a spectacular cycling experience.

9. Lots of activities to participate in

Arguably, for many people, one of the biggest deciding factors of whether you move to a certain city or not is if the city has lots to do. Billings might not be as big as other cities in the country, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much to do in this city.

There is a thriving arts and culture scene in Billings with many different galleries, theaters, museums, and even a few historical sites worth visiting. Additionally, there are frequent comedy shows that feature touring comedians, and there is an independent movie theater with local brews on tap.

Moreover, this city also has many recreational opportunities for a family fun day and vibrant nightlife. Family-friendly activities include an indoor and outdoor waterpark, an indoor trampoline park, roller skating, a skate park, an ice skating rink, and many local sports leagues.

10. Low real estate taxes

Billings is also an incredibly popular city to move to because of its low property taxes. A new study conducted by Roofstcok.com, which is a national real estate investment firm, demonstrated that the property taxes in Billings are lower than the national average.

This study stated that the national property tax rate was 1.03%, while the property tax rate in billings was $0.92%. During the study, Billings was compared to other cities in the US that had a population of between 100,000 and 150,000.

Additionally, according to the study, the median property tax paid by US homeowners was $2,578 in 2019, but in Billings, the average property paid was $2,322, which is $257 less.

Is Billings Montana a good place to live?

According to many residents, Billings is a good city to live in, but it also has its fair share of problems. Most people enjoy that the city has steadily grown to incorporate various activities that many people can enjoy. Others are impressed that the city has become more disability-friendly with better access to public facilities for those who are disabled.

Additionally, since housing costs are affordable and the city has good schools, families, and people who want to start a family choose to live in Billings. However, as is the case with other big cities, Billings does have its fair share of crime with a slightly less than favorable crime rate, which does dissuade some people from choosing this city to settle in.

What are the most popular places to live in Billings, Montana?

Now we know that living in Billings, Montana, might not compare to Missoula, Boise, Bozeman, or New York. Still, this city has many places you should consider moving to if you enjoy a small-town atmosphere with big-city amenities and facilities. Have a look below to see six of the most popular places you should consider moving to in Billings.

  • Lockwood
  • The Heights
  • The South Side
  • The West End
  • The Historic District.
  • Downtown.

What are some of the very best things about living in Billings, Montana?

As a city that is continuing to grow and prosper, many people wonder what some of the best things about living in Billings, Montana are. Well, what you will find to be the best thing about living in this city will likely differ from what someone else will enjoy the most about living in Billings.

However, most people agree that being close to the numerous outdoor activities, the vibrant craft brewery scene, the many small businesses, and the many noteworthy restaurants are the best things about living in Billings, Montana.

What is the estimated cost of living in Billings, Montana?

According to data, the cost of living in Billings, Montana, is below the national average. To give you a reliable, accurate estimate of the cost of living in Billings, we have compared Billings to Las Vegas.

Overall, Billings, Montana, is approximately 15.9% cheaper to live in than Las Vegas. Transportation costs in Billing are 41.5% cheaper, housing is 15.7% cheaper, utilities are 6.8% cheaper, and the median home cost is 14.5% cheaper than Las Vegas.

As you now know, there are many reasons why people are moving to or have already moved to Billings, Montana. This city has much to offer and is steadily growing thanks to its booming housing market, numerous career opportunities, great schools, entertaining nightlife, and easy access to numerous beautiful outdoor activities.

If you are now wondering if you should move to Billings or would like to simply find how much a move to this city would cost, you can use our simple and convenient moving cost calculator.

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