Why Are People Leaving New York?

Quick answer: Over the past decade, nearly one million people have left New York City and the surrounding tri-state area due to high costs of living, fierce job competition, constant noise, challenges in family planning, and political dissatisfaction. This trend is not unique to New York, as cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are also experiencing similar outmigration. People are relocating to states like Florida and Texas for lower taxes, better job opportunities, and a more affordable lifestyle.

Over the past decade, nearly one million people have left New York City and the surrounding tri-state area. This includes New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. According to the source, Bloomberg, about 300 people move out of the area per day.

However, this trend is not strictly limited to New York. Other regions like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., to name a few, are seeing their residents relocate to other states. The moving company, United Van Lines, keeps track of the flow of people.

United Van Lines reports that the three states in the northeast, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, are among the top places where people are moving out of the fastest.

Take a look below at a more in-depth analysis of the most common reasons why people are leaving New York.

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What are the main reasons people are leaving New York?

Below, we will explore the main reasons why people are leaving New York. From the high cost of living to politics to lower taxes elsewhere; there are plenty of reasons why residents are packing up and moving out of New York.

High cost of living

New York living is highly appealing. However, it comes with a price. Granted, plenty of people move to New York each year; many leave too. If you settled in New York and found a steady job, you might think you are set. There is a chance, though, that your situation may change. New York has a reputation as being made for specific jobs, like banking or finances; plenty of people still can’t seem to save money monthly.

It is no surprise that the cost of living in New York is very high, especially in the city. This seems to be the driving and determining factor that causes people to leave. New York residents appear to be looking for a better financial situation and are turning to the suburbs. Everything from food, housing, and taxes costs more in New York than in any other state.

New York City has a reputation for being one of, if not the most expensive, cities in the world. The booming economy and significant job market all contribute to the high prices. So, if you feel like New York is running you dry, you might consider moving to another state.

Job opportunities

It is evident that New York is an ideal place for job opportunities. Nonetheless, in a city and state as big as New York, many people struggle to find their place. Competition is fierce and is it not that simple to find an above-average job. To find a well-paid job in New York, you will need solid connections and a lot of patience.

In regards to small business, New York should be the last place you consider. Since New York has fierce competition among local companies, you are better off working in another town or city. New York has local food stores, antique stores, and every other shop you can think of on every corner.

Crowds and noise

New York has been referenced many times as the city that never sleeps. In a way, this is true. Unless you are a college student looking to party at all times or you have the budget to live in a luxurious neighborhood, you might as well live above a bar or local grill. Getting peace in New York is almost impossible, hence the high resident turnover.

Family planning

Another main reason why people are leaving New York is that raising children in the city has pros and cons. If you are fortunate enough to evade financial problems and have a steady income, you are likely to find a good school for your kids. New York isn’t the safest city in the country, though.

A considerable concern as to why people are leaving New York circles back to the environment; safety. There are many cheaper options for you and your family than in New York. Families need to consider all the options before leaving the city.


One of the last reasons why people are leaving New York is due to politics. The state is diverse, which alone makes this aspect complex.

The reality of it is that New York has red geography. Despite this, New York City’s population accounted for nearly half the votes, and a Democrat took the win.

Due to this, you will find that most of the red counties in New York are not happy about maintaining a Democratic lead. It doesn’t matter what the hot topic may be. Most residents are displeased with the governor election results.

How to plan a move from New York?

Those who are planning to leave New York should plan ahead of time. It all depends on the state, city, or town you are looking to move to that will determine if you need help from professional movers or not. A respected and quality moving company can help you relocate.

Some words of advice are to prepare all belongings before the move.

If you are moving from a small apartment in New York City, you may be packed and ready within a week. It is when you are moving a family that more organizing is required. Families in which the guardians work 9-5 are better off asking for help from a moving company. If you are moving to another state with your family, plenty of long-distance moving professionals can help. It all comes down to choosing the right moving company and negotiating affordable prices. In the long run, it will benefit you tremendously.

Who is mainly leaving New York?

Reports indicate that the wealthy seek to escape from N.Y.’s income taxes. N.Y. millionaires pay the highest personal income taxes in the nation. Others who are leaving the state include but are not limited to families, business owners, and everyday folks seeking jobs.

Like other expensive cities in the U.S., NY residents seek a more affordable life with more room. The highest percentage of those migrating out of N.Y. was made up of high earners. United Van Lines conducted a survey that suggested that more than half the percentage of people leaving N.Y. were over 55. This data indicates that older people are looking to retire outside the city and state.

In another study, movers discovered that many young couples and families were moving to N.Y. suburbs for more greenery and better school systems.

Where are people moving to from New York?

According to a news report, out of all 50 states, New York ranked third in top states people moved out. The top states people moved to out of New York? Florida and Texas. Research data shows that most people left New York for political reasons, seeking lower taxes, climate change issues, lower living costs, better culture, and better weather.

The most common reasons New York residents are relocating to Florida are because there is no state income tax. Most of the year, it is sunny and warm; there are plenty of cultures, plenty of outdoor activities, sports culture, and a lot of more affordable options.

If you ask any new resident of Florida, they will tell you that despite hot and humid summers, Florida seasons are primarily mild and warm. While living in Florida, you will not need anything warmer than a sweater to keep warm in the winter. The sun and warm days allow people to spend less time inside and more time outdoors exploring what Florida offers.

This one is a huge reason why people are leaving New York. The state of Florida does not require residents to pay state income tax. A lack of income tax allows people to save more money for fun activities, vacations, and belongings for Florida residents.

Those seriously considering leaving New York can check reports displaying city demographics, real estate information, quality of life, and more to aid decision-making. There are many other reasons why people are leaving New York, but the reasons are listed above for most. All reasons are based on personal circumstances.

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