Eagle Moving Group Review

Here’s the bottom line: Eagle Moving Group has run-of-the-mill moving services and a checkered reputation. If you can help it, we’d recommend going with one of our picks for best moving companies.

Eagle Moving Group is a moving broker located in Boynton Beach, Florida. The business coordinates local and long-distance moves with established carriers in your area, even if you live outside of southeastern Florida.

They offer only a few services to keep their original estimate lower than the industry standard, but several customers complain that this is primarily a bait-and-switch strategy.

We’d recommend you exercise caution with Eagle Moving Group and if you trust them with your move, make sure you ask lots of questions to ensure you’re getting a reputable carrier who understands your needs.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Eagle Moving Group.

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Safeway Moving
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American Van Lines
American Van Lines
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Mayzlin Relocation
Mayzlin Relocation
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Pros & cons of Eagle Moving Group

  • Free quotes, often at a much lower price point than others in the moving industry
  • Offers packing services for cross-country, local, and interstate moves
  • Responds to quote inquiries within 10 seconds or allows you to schedule a callback at your convenience
  • Partners with storage facilities for long- and short-term storage needs
  • Doesn’t have a direct hand in the moving process because it’s a brokerage company
  • Limited experience in the industry (founded in 2021)
  • Rigid cancellation policy

Key takeaways 

  • Eagle Moving Group (USDOT#3545015) is a moving broker, which means it doesn’t directly handle any moves. Instead, it partners with full-service moving carriers to do the work on its behalf.
  • Eagle Movers advertises 24/7 availability by phone. When you request a free quote, it claims its representatives will contact you within 10 seconds.
  • The company provides packing, loading, and transportation for local, residential, long-distance, commercial, and interstate moves. However, it doesn’t not offer international moving services.

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Eagle Moving Group pricing: How much it costs to move

Eagle Moving Group offers a wide variety of services

How Eagle Moving Group stacks up against the competition

How moving with Eagle Moving Group works

Should you use Eagle Moving Group to move?


Eagle Moving Group pricing: How much it costs to move

Eagle Moving Group doesn’t offer a huge range of moving services, which allows it to keep its prices on the lower side. Satisfied customers often report that they chose Eagle Moving Group because their pricing was competitive and they were responsive throughout the moving process.

Because every move has a variety of aspects that can affect the price, those considering moving with Eagle Moving Group need to get a quote. As a moving broker, Eagle Moving Group will take all the details of your move and then match you with a licensed carrier in their network. You’ll need to provide your exact pickup and drop-off location, the type of move, and contact information.

Eagle Moving Group has a strict cancellation policy:

  • Customers must cancel within 72 hours after booking to receive a refund (moves canceled after 72 hours will only receive credit toward future moves
  • Moves canceled within 7 days of their pickup date are non-refundable
  • All refunds are charged a 10% cancellation fee
  • Refunds will be processed in the company’s next billing cycle

Before or after getting a quote, check out our moving cost calculator to compare your anticipated costs with the going rate for those moving services. We don’t discourage anyone from requesting a free quote from any provider, but there are some troubling reports of customers calling Eagle Moving Group a scam, so it’s a good idea to exercise caution.

Eagle Moving Group offers a wide variety of services

Here is a list of what Eagle Moving Group offers its customers:

    • Local moves: With its headquarters in southeastern Florida, Eagle Moving Group works closely with established carriers servicing the Miami and Palm Beach areas.
    • Long-distance moves: The company coordinates moves for customers looking to move to and from the Florida area anywhere across the country. This excludes Hawaii and Alaska.
    • Office relocations: Eagle Moving can assist businesses in the logistics of moving their organization to and from Florida.
    • Short- and long-term storage: Eagle Moving Group offers a variety of storage solutions for customers needing to store their possessions during or after a move.
  • Packing services: Eagle Moving Group will connect you with qualified professional packers that can efficiently organize your belongings for a stress-free move. 

It’s important to note that while Eagle Moving Group is a full-service moving company, its offerings are more bare bones than similar companies, which allows it to maintain a narrow focus and competitive prices.

How Eagle Moving Group stacks up against the competition

If you’re looking for a way to get around the hard work of finding a full-service moving company, working with a moving broker like Eagle Moving Group can seem like a match made in heaven.

However, they’re not among the best moving companies according to our ratings — Mayzlin Relocation and American Van Lines are.

Eagle Moving Group vs. Mayzlin Relocation

If you’re reticent about moving brokers in general, Mayzlin Relocation will give you peace of mind because they are a family-owned moving carrier –– it doesn’t really get more personal than that.

Because they operate at a smaller, more personalized level, their policies are a bit more human. Most notably, their cancellation policy is more flexible than Eagle Moving Group. While Eagle Moving Group will hold your refund if you cancel more than 72 hours after your initial booking, Mayzlin offers cancellation flexibility up until a week before your move.

In terms of moving services, Eagle Moving Group and Mayzlin Relocation are remarkably similar. They both offer local, long-distance, and corporate moving, but Mayzlin goes further with its expertise in military moves.

Eagle Moving Group vs. American Van Lines

American Van Lines has long been one of our top choices for best long-distance moving companies due to their flat-rate pricing that starts with a binding estimate. While many moving companies keep pricing flexible to account for potential issues or changes on moving day, American Van Lines’ experience gives it the confidence to deliver the right estimate the first time, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

American Van Lines’ veteran status in the moving industry also allows it to offer a wider range of services. It offers all the same services as Eagle Moving Group, plus climate-controlled storage, special item transport, various insurance options, military moves, trucks for every size move imaginable, and even international moves.

In short, American Van Lines and Mayzlin Relocation beat Eagle Moving Group at nearly every turn, but especially in reputation (just check their BBB scores and customer reviews).

We’ve prepared a simple table to help you compare a few fast facts about the three companies.

CompanyBBB scoreState availabilityBinding estimate?

Eagle Moving Group B- Service area isn’t clearly advertised No
Mayzlin Relocation A 48 (not in AK or HI) No
American Van Lines A+ 48 (not in AK or HI) Yes

How moving with Eagle Moving Group works

Eagle Moving Group is somewhat opaque about the moving process because it subcontracts with carriers, who often have their own way of doing things.

Here’s what we know:

  • To start the process, you can schedule a call, fill out the contact form, or call Eagle Moving Group at 1-877-540-2992. If you choose the contact form option, the company claims a representative will reach out within 10 seconds.
  • Once you connect with a representative, they’ll take all the details about your move, including your desired moving date and where you’re headed.
  • From there, your representative will get to work personally matching you with a company that can meet your needs. Then they’ll give you their contact information.
  • You can finally confirm your booking and pay any required deposits.

Because the moving process will differ from this point forward, make sure you clearly set expectations and ask any burning questions. This due diligence will ensure you’re adequately prepared and can troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Should you use Eagle Moving Group to move?

Customer reviews cite mixed experiences with Eagle Moving Group, which isn’t unusual for moving brokers. While some customers suggest professionalism, responsiveness, and value, other customers warn about final charges and miscommunication.

Overall, Eagle Moving Group might fit those planning a local move in the Southeast area in Florida, but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for more valuable, long-distance moves.

Use Eagle Moving Group if:

  • You’re moving locally within Florida or long-distance elsewhere in the USA
  • You have a lot of household goods that you can’t handle on your own
  • You want a personalized match with a moving company without doing a lot of research
  • You’re looking for competitive prices for a corporate relocation

Don’t use Eagle Moving Group if:

  • You need specialty moving services
  • You’re moving internationally
  • You want to work with a company with a spotless reputation

For more help choosing the right moving company, check our picks of the top-rated interstate moving companies.


How do I choose a local moving company?

You can choose a local moving company by asking friends, colleagues, and neighbors for referrals from their positive moving experiences, looking up Better Business Bureau ratings, reading reviews like ours, and cross-referencing our best local movers round-up.

You can also request to see a company’s USDOT number, which proves they’re legally licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

How is Eagle Moving Group rated?

Eagle Moving Group has a wide range of customer reviews –– some singing their praises, others accusing them of deceptive business practices. Take a look at our best long-distance moving companies to compare our top choices.

Is Eagle Moving Group Inc licensed to perform interstate moves from Florida to another state?

Eagle Moving Group is a licensed moving broker, which means it works with partner carriers to facilitate interstate moves — it doesn’t handle moves with its own employees. When you receive the contact information for your assigned carrier, you can ask for their USDOT number to confirm they’re fully licensed.

Can I find genuine customer reviews for Eagle Moving Group online?

You can find genuine customer reviews on sites like ours, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and other review sites. You can also look at moving experiences from our Better Moves Project to see what real-life people have to say about the moving companies they’ve used.

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