PODS vs Professional Moving Companies: Which Option is Right For Your Move?

When researching for a cross country or local move, many people land on two options for them.

Moving Containers and Moving Companies.

If you’ve found this page, you’re presumably in this situation. We’re going to help you identify which option is the best for you. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each moving option and clearly note the characteristics of renting a pod and booking a professional mover.

Just quickly, to avoid any confusion, moving containers and “pods” are the same thing.
Also, by moving companies, we mean professional movers such as those listed here.

Now that that’s clear, we’re ready to get into it.

Relocating with Moving Containers

Using POD moving companies is considered to be a DIY move. Relocating using moving containers works like this:

You book your move and schedule a date to have your container dropped off where you’re moving from. You then load your packed belongings into the container. Then the company picks up the container and drops it off to your new home. That’s where you will unload it and unpack your items. Once that’s done, the company will pick up the container. And that’s it!

Pros and Cons of Relocating with Moving Containers

Pros of Relocating with Moving Containers Cons of Relocating with Moving Containers
  • It’s usually the cheaper option between the two. See how much pods cost.
  • Temporary storage is easy and affordable. You can simply use the moving container as the storage container at a storage facility.
  • Many companies give you a minimum 30-day rental period, so you can take your time with your move.
  • You have to do all of the (un)packing and (un)loading.
  • It can be challenging to park in an urban area, apartment complex, or a housing community.
  • The move will likely take significantly longer compared to professional movers doing it.
  • You have to get your own moving supplies.
  • Items that are especially fragile or sensitive to temperature changes may not fare well in this moving method.

If you’ll require long-term storage for your move, a moving container rental makes the most sense. As we mentioned in the pros and cons table, the containers basically double as storage containers. Utilizing this option will also allow you to access your items easily.

When moving companies offer long-term storage, they will likely unload your items in their warehouse. This makes it impossible for you to access these items during storage.

Now, although we mention that moving containers are usually the cheaper option, that’s not always the case. If your move exceeds the capacity of a storage container, you’ll need a second one. That means double the cost.

We recommend looking at freight moving companies for larger DIY moves.

Since you’re considering this option, check out our detailed list of the best moving container companies in the country.

Relocating with Professional Moving Companies

Relocating with a professional moving company is the most convenient and efficient way to move. Leaving it to the pros will save you a lot of time and energy that you will need to focus on the rest of the move.

That being said, it’s essential to look at the pros and cons before moving forward with booking this type of move.

Pros and Cons of Relocating with a Moving Company

Pros of Relocating with a Moving Company Cons of Relocating with a Moving Company
  • The chances of accidents or damage to your items are lower with professional movers.
  • You won’t do any of the heavy lifting
  • The move will be done quickly compared to a DIY move.
  • The company will provide the moving supplies.
  • Moving companies provide options for special items such as fine art, large instruments, fragile items, and electronics.
  • It’s more expensive than renting a moving pod.
  • Less flexibility than the “Do at your own pace” possibility of a moving container move.
  • It’s not uncommon that moving companies cause headaches with things such as cancellations, hidden fees, damage to items, and moving scams.

    Be sure to hire a reputable interstate company for your move to avoid these troubles.

PODS vs Moving Company: Which Is Right For Your Long-Distance Move?

Well, it depends.

Renting a moving container will usually save you money, but you have to be prepared to put a lot more work into your move. One of the big perks of hiring a professional moving company is that you will be assigned an agent that you can consult about your move. You have to consider what works best given the particular circumstances of your move.

If you’re renting a pod, you’re on your own. You’ll need to get moving supplies such as boxes, tape, and plastic wrap; but also loading supplies like moving blankets and dollies. You’ll have to pack, load, unload, and unpack yourself.

If you’re hiring a moving company, you’ll spend a good bit more money. But you will also be able to focus on other things related to the move such as work, family, pets, and getting settled into your new home and neighborhood.

Before you make any decision about why type of moving company is right for you, compare free quotes from the best moving companies with us.

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