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Overall Opinion of U-Haul Self Storage: The organization positions itself as a local and value-priced moving and storage company. This high-volume approach generates large revenue; however, customer satisfaction is below-average. While they offer every conceivable product and service, feedback indicates they don’t perform any of them very well.

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U-Haul: Services Available:

You already know U-Haul, but they’re more than just trucks that say $19.99 on them. Here are all of the services that they offer.

U-Haul began operating in the do-it-yourself moving business in 1945 and has evolved to become a household name. The parent company is AMERCO and the U-Haul International headquarters is located in Phoenix, AZ. The U-Haul brand is represented locally by corporate centers and a large network of more than 16,000 dealers.

  • Truck Rental: Moving trucks range in size from 10 feet, for a studio apartment, to 26 feet long, for a three-bedroom home. Most markets offer cargo vans and/or pickup trucks for smaller jobs. Customers with in-town rentals pick up and drop off the vehicle at the same location, while one-way rentals apply for moves to other cities.
  • U-Haul Truck Share 24/7: In 2017, the company began expanding its truck rental service into the “sharing economy” by establishing a mobile app that allows for contactless rental. Trucks may be picked up and returned 24 hours a day using EZ-Return on a smartphone device.
  • Trailer Rental: U-Haul offers several types of trailers for rent with prices of $14.95 and up. (see images below)
  • Cargo Trailers: These are towable storage containers that are weather resistant and can be locked. The size options of the units are typically 8, 10, or 12 feet in length.
  • Utility Trailers: A utility trailer is an open bed-style unit that is commonly added to a truck rental for oversized objects or durable equipment. The items in the trailer are secured using tie-downs and are available with or without a ramp.
  • Vehicle Trailers: Options are available for towing cars, motorcycles, etc. The tow dolly is the most economical option for front-wheel drive vehicles, while auto transport trailers are used for all-wheel drive or other models that would otherwise require a flatbed trailer for transport.
  • Trailers and Towing Supplies and Accessories: Trailer hitches are available for rental that vary based on the type of vehicle you will be towing with. Customers simply enter their vehicle year, make, and model to choose compatible options. Other available accessories include wiring, lights, specialized tow mirrors, and more.
  • U-Box Containers: These are portable storage containers similar to those offered by PODS. A U-Box measures 95″ long x 56″ wide x 83.5″ tall and is capable of housing roughly 257 square feet of belongings. Customers may have the U-Box delivered or may pick up themselves and can load the container at their own pace. U-Haul offers labor assistance for loading and unloading if needed.

For general moving, consider U-Haul’s competitors.

Self-Storage: U-Haul has many self-storage locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. These are secured storage units available for monthly rental. Each facility has various unit sizes available which may be indoors or drive-up style outdoor units are available that resembles a garage. Some options include:

    • Climate-controlled: Units are maintained at a temperature between 65 and 85 degrees. They are generally chosen for storing electronics, wood furniture, musical instruments, and others that are susceptible to extreme temperatures or high humidity levels.
    • Vehicle storage: Customers may consider self-storage for cars, recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, etc. Options include outdoor parking, outdoor-covered parking, or indoor (enclosed) spaces.
    • Business storage: Companies may consider self-storage for old files, excess inventory, seasonal items, etc.
    • Packing and Shipping Supplies: Moving boxes, packing material, tape, and many different customized supplies are available for online purchase or available at most locations. Shipping is free on orders of more than $50.
    • Labor for Moving: U-Haul’s Moving Help program allows customers to access local labor to assist. Prices are based on the number of laborers needed, the time-frame, the extent of the work being performed, and more. Services range from loading and unloading to cleaning services.
    • Propane: Many locations offer propane container refills, propane tanks, and grilling-related accessories.
      Patriot Truck Leasing: Those seeking to lease storage or moving trucks are directed to Patriot Truck Leasing, which has a partnership relationship with U-Haul.

U-Haul: Pros and Cons Summary:

The Good: Offers Every Moving or Storage Service Imaginable

Looking at all of the products and services offered by U-Haul is exhausting! From self-storage, truck rental, moving labor, trailer rental, and sales, moving supplies, and dozens more.

The Bad: Mediocre Customer Service

U-Haul is a tremendously successful company that generates billions in annual revenue. The most common complaints involve poor customer service and inattention to detail. In many cases, minor problems escalate because the staff is overwhelmed or because frontline employees lack the authority to resolve matters or act with indifference.


  • Most people have a U-Haul facility close to home
  • Among the best options for one-way truck rentals
  • Is very competitively priced
  • Has expanded “contactless” service capabilities in response to COVID-19


  • The low advertised prices can be deceiving
  • U-Box mobile storage containers are only available in one size
  • Availability often changes at the last minute—even with a reservation
  • Billing errors and disputes are common

Cost and Affordability

Online Rental Pricing

Pickup or Cargo Van 15’ Truck 17’ Truck 26’ Truck U-Box Container
Los Angeles $19.95 + .89/mile $29.95 + $1.19/mile $39.95 + $1.19/mile $39.95 + $1.19/mile $89.95 / mo.
Chicago $19.95 + .99/mile $29.95 + $1.49/mile $39.95 + $1.49/mile $39.95 + $1.49/mile $89.95 / mo.
Houston $19.95 +.79/mile $29.95 + $1.09/mile $39.95 +$1.09/mile $39.95 + $1.19/mile $59.95 / mo.
Boston $19.95 + $1.09/mile $29.95 + $1.59/mile n/a $39.95 + $1.59/mile $144.95 / mo.

Insurance Coverage and Protection

  • Safemove: Include Damage Waiver, Cargo Protection, and Medical Coverage programs to cover vehicle damage, belongings, and passengers traveling in a U-Haul truck. Pricing starts at approximately $14.00.
  • Safemove Plus: Includes all Safemove benefits and adds overhead damage and tire protection. Pricing starts as low as $28.00.
  • Safetow: This is coverage selected specifically for cargo or utility trailers and vehicle towing options.
  • Safestor: This is used exclusively for self-storage agreements.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

A location near the company headquarters in Phoenix has a rating of 3.4 of 5 on Google. Many of the complaints involved negative interactions with members of the location’s staff.

The location in downtown Los Angeles has an overall Google rating of 3.8 of 5. Overall customer feedback is average to good; however, customer service problems seem to surface when they are busy with several customers at a time.

Three of their Atlanta locations had a combined rating of 2.5 of 5. The majority of disgruntled customers are those who had poor customer service and some confusion on prices. One problem that occurs is that customers will make a reservation and it will be canceled or the unit or vehicle selected is not available.

U-Haul International Inc. is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a rating of B+. Despite this good rating, they have more than 1,900 complaints logged that are categorized below.

Nature of BBB Complaints

Sales or Advertising 58
Billing-Related 575
Delivery 85
Agreement or Guarantee 41
Product or Service Issue 1,187

Should You Consider U-Haul for a Storage or Moving Projects?

U-Haul has tremendous national coverage with its established location and dealer network. They also offer a very comprehensive offering of services and products. Customer feedback suggests that those with tight timelines are often disappointed. Overall customer service and support are average at best.

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