Berger Transfer and Storage Review

Here’s the bottom line: Berger Transfer and Storage (also known as Berger Allied Moving & Storage) has been a major partner of Allied Van Lines since 1975 and has an even longer history in the moving and transportation business.

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Despite this, Berger’s movers have a decidedly mixed reputation, and they didn’t make our list of the best moving companies. While the company has an excellent Better Business Business (BBB) rating — and good overall reviews on that site — its reviews tend to be less overwhelmingly positive elsewhere.

Read on to determine if they’re worth considering for your move.

Pros and cons of Berger Transfer and Storage

Here’s a quick overview of the pros and cons of moving with Berger Transfer and Storage:

  • In business since 1910, and a partner of Allied Van Lines since 1975
  • Background-checked staff and certified drivers
  • Offers local, long-distance, and international moving services
  • Has specialty services for small moves, seniors, and sensitive items
  • Provides a broad range of office and business moving services
  • Has a hard-to-navigate website, which missing information and requires you to contact them directly for more details
  • Very mixed reviews online, with complaints of inaccurate estimates and missing or damaged items

Key takeaways

  • Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc. (USDOT#125665) is a full-service moving company based out of Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota. The company also has 16 physical locations in some of the nation’s major cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.
  • Berger Transfer and Storage began operations in 1910 as a local moving company. It has expanded significantly over the years after it partnered with Allied Van Lines agent in 1975.
  • Berger Transfer and Storage’s online reputation is mixed. It has an superb BBB rating, and many customer reviews praise the company for having courteous, punctual movers. However, an equal number of negative reviews complain of inaccurate estimates, significant damage to household goods, and poor service from moving coordinators.

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Berger Transfer and Storage pricing: How much it costs to move

Like many moving providers, Berger Transfer and Storage doesn’t make its long-distance moving costs immediately available through their website. This is because the price to move varies dramatically depending on specific details like the size of your home and the distance of your move. Moving costs will also depend on whether you use their packing and unpacking services or choose to pack your items yourself.

Berger does not provide instant online quotes. Instead, you can submit basic information about your move through, after which their team will contact you to set up a quote. You can also contact them via their phone number, 866-969-5040.

Berger Transfer and Storage offers both in-person and virtual quotes. In-person estimates are recommended to ensure you get a more accurate quote, since a trained moving consultant will be able to give you better estimates based on viewing your actual items and home layout firsthand.

According to the company’s website, deposit requirements and additional fees vary from move to move, so be sure to ask your customer service representative about your payment requirements.

Berger Transfer and Storage offers a wide variety of services

Berger Transfer and Storage offers several moving services to help facilitate your move. Availability of some services can vary by location, so be sure to ask your local representative if you have questions.

Here’s a look at some of Berger’s main services:

  • Local moving: Berger Transfer and Storage offers local moving services in the areas where it has physical locations (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and  Texas).
  • Interstate moves: For customers living or moving near Berger Transfer and Storage’s locations, the company can facilitate long-distance and interstate moves across the country.
  • International moving: Berger Allied’s global network can help with international moves to 34 different countries.
  • Packing services: To help streamline your move, Berger offers packing and unpacking services, as well as crating for fragile items. For customers who choose these services, Berger can also provide packing materials, including padded blankets to protect furniture during transportation.
  • Senior moving services: Berger is an industry partner of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). Their senior move program includes preferred pricing (a guaranteed quote with shuttle service), guaranteed claim settlement within 30 days, and an on-time pledge that reimburses lodging, food, and transportation expenses resulting from delivery delays.
  • Small shipment program: For small moves of 3,000 pounds or less, Berger offers guaranteed delivery in seven to 10 days. The company will even move just one piece of furniture, a unique offering that many moving companies don’t provide.
  • Specialized transportation: Berger offers specialized transportation options for items that require extra care and handling, such as fine art, professional musical equipment, and electronics. This includes personal moves, as well as shipments for trade shows and exhibits.
  • Storage units: Berger offers storage facilities at select locations, as well as warehousing options for businesses. You’ll need to contact a local representative to see what is available for your move.
  • Commercial moving: Berger offers a wide range of commercial moving services, including office and business moves, technology relocation, office installations, and corporate relocation packages.

How Berger Transfer and Storage stacks up against the competition

So, how does Berger Transfer and Storage stack up against some of the best long-distance movers in the industry? Here’s a closer look at how they compare.

Berger Transfer and Storage vs. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines (NAVL) offers customizable moving services for all 50 states. In business since 1933, NAVL ranks alongside Berger as one of the oldest moving companies in the U.S. — but with a much broader range of coverage.

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Unlike Berger, NAVL offers binding quotes on every move that uses an in-home estimate. This means you don’t have to worry about dealing with any hidden fees later on. Their flat-rate pricing could provide some much-needed peace of mind, especially in light of the fact that many Berger customers report paying thousands of dollars more than expected on their moves.

NAVL is also one of the highest-rated moving companies by moveBuddha readers, in part thanks to features like online shipment tracking and a reputation for strong overall service. That being said, their pricing can be higher than some of the competition.

Berger Transfer and Storage vs. Safeway Moving

Safeway Moving is moveBuddha’s pick for the best overall value thanks to its good balance of pricing and services. Safeway Moving offers long-distance moves to all 50 states, with 30 days of free storage included on all interstate moves.

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As a veteran-owned company, Safeway has earned a reputation for precision service. This includes a triple-check verification system for its flat-rate pricing, ensuring you won’t have to worry about hidden costs. The company also donates a portion of the proceeds from each move to charity.

Unlike Berger, Safeway does not offer local moves. The company also isn’t well-suited for smaller moves (like a studio apartment or moves of 20 boxes or less), whereas Berger specializes in these types of moves. Berger can even deliver a single piece of furniture for its customers.

Berger Transfer and Storage vs. JK Moving Services

When it comes to pricing, JK Moving Services ranks on the high end — but the company’s satisfied customers feel like it is well worth the investment. JK Moving offers true white-glove service from start to finish, with extremely responsive customer service and highly trained movers.

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JK Moving’s phone app uses AI tech for a quick, easy, and accurate estimating process. With a low flat-rate deposit requirement and financing available, customers have ways to determine whether they can afford the company’s top-quality services.

If there is one area where JK Moving falls short compared to Berger, it’s availability for local moves. JK Moving only provides local moves in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. While Berger’s service area is also relatively limited, the company does service more areas for local moves than JK Moving.

Company BBB score State availability International moves?
Berger Transfer and Storage A+ 11 Yes
North American Van Lines A+ 50 Yes
Safeway Moving B- 50 Yes (limited)
JK Moving Services A+ 50 Yes

How moving with Berger Transfer and Storage works

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect your moving experience to be like with Berger Transfer and Storage:

  • Obtaining a quote: After contacting Berger through their website or by phone, you will schedule either an in-home or virtual estimate. Per Berger’s website, the specific terms (such as deposits and additional fees) vary based on each move. Be sure to carefully review the moving agreement so you understand what fees you will be responsible for, as well as whether Berger has offered a binding or non-binding estimate. While some moves (like for seniors) have guaranteed pricing options, online reviews indicate that quite often, Berger’s quotes are non-binding.
  • Prepping for the move: Berger’s packing and unpacking services vary by location. If you choose to pack yourself, you’ll need to have everything ready to go prior to moving day. If you use Berger’s services, your move coordinator will help you prepare for when your movers will arrive to complete packing. Berger’s movers will also bring all necessary packing materials (including crating) to ensure everything is ready to get loaded onto the moving truck. Packing can take a few hours or several days, depending on the size of your move.
  • Moving day: As with using Berger’s packing services, the size of the moving team will vary based on the size of your move. Typically, however, you should expect a moving crew of at least three people to help load everything onto the moving truck. If needed, items can be temporarily stored in a local warehouse until you are ready to move into your new home.
  • Delivery: Berger should contact you prior to delivery. When the movers arrive, simply direct them to where you want different boxes and furniture to be placed. If you selected unpacking services as part of your move, their team can assist with configuring your rooms, furniture assembly, and other home setup needs.

Keep in mind that certain services, such as furniture assembly, aren’t available for every move. Specific services can vary by location.

Should you use Berger Transfer and Storage to move?

So, is Berger Transfer and Storage right for your move? You should certainly be mindful of the company’s overall mixed reputation before selecting them. Here are a few situations to consider for whether or not they are the right choice for you.

Use Berger Transfer and Storage if:

  • You’re a senior citizen. Berger and Allied’s Senior Move Program offers a wide range of helpful benefits for seniors, such as free shuttle service at your destination, preferred dispatch and pricing, and food, lodging, and transportation reimbursements for delayed moves.
  • You’re planning a small shipment. With guaranteed delivery within seven to 10 days for moves of 3,000 pounds or less, Berger can be a good option for studio apartment moves and other smaller shipments.
  • You need to make a commercial move. Berger’s wide range of commercial moving services — including office moving and installations, tech relocations, warehousing, and corporate relocations — make them a good option for businesses.

Don’t use Berger Transfer and Storage if:

  • You don’t live near their service locations. Berger Transfer and Storage only has service facilities in 11 states. While they can set up moves to the rest of the country, they’re only really an option if you live close to one of their facilities.
  • You’re concerned about packing quality. Most complaints about Berger focus on damaged or missing goods resulting from a subpar packing process. While the company advertises specialty transportation services for fine art and other fragile items, you’re probably better off avoiding them if you have high-value items.


Who owns Berger Transfer and Storage?

Berger Transfer and Storage was founded by Carl Berger in 1910, and is currently owned by the Dircks family. The company is an Allied Van Lines Top Booker and Hauler, but it is not owned by Allied.

How do customers rate their experience with Berger Transfer and Storage?

Online reviews for Berger Transfer and Storage are mixed. Some customers on sites like Yelp and the BBB offer high praise for timely, courteous, and professional movers. However, the company also has a high number of complaints citing damaged or missing items, poor packing, late deliveries, and poor customer service from the company’s move managers. Overall, reviews are more mixed than other major carriers.

Is Berger Transfer and Storage licensed?

Yes, Berger Transfer and Storage is properly licensed. Their licensing information is as follows: USDOT #00125665, MC 35358.

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