Is MiniMoves Good For Apartment Moves?

MiniMoves offers quality services for all smaller-sized moving or relocations as a well-established moving company. The company has retained a successful reputation for approximately 95% of the US and international transporting services. MiniMoves is an excellent option for those looking to move from a one-or-two-bedroom apartment.

The company uses a container system for most transports that utilize shipping boxes composed of triple-walled cardboard. MiniMoves is dedicated to maintaining validation and governing member status with the International Association of Movers.

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How much does MiniMoves charge to move an apartment?

This answer varies and is mainly determined by what and where you are specifically looking for in a move. Nonetheless, you can expect moving costs to range from a few hundred dollars for shipping a few boxes or items to upwards of several thousand dollars if you require a complete service cross-country move. If you visit, you can get a better idea of pricing.

We have put together the following table with quotes that include loading, furniture, transportation to the destination, and unloading to get you started.

Origin Destination Size of Move Price Price including Full Packing
Charlotte, NC Dallas, TX 1 Bedroom Apt. $2,301-$2,812 $2,674-$3,268
Dallas, TX Phoenix, AZ 1 Bedroom Apt. $2,323-$2,839 $2,696-$3,295
Atlanta, GA Cleveland, OH 1 Bedroom Apt. $1,823-$2,227 $2,196-$2,683
Atlanta, GA Cleveland, OH 3 Bedroom Apt. $2,658-$3,248 $3,404-$4,159

What is the minimum move size for MiniMoves?

Since MiniMoves is the best option for small, long-distance moves, their services are ideal for sending recent high school graduates to college or even shipping family belongings long distances. MiniMoves offers free quotes and experienced customer service representatives to assist you with selecting the best moving methods.

MiniMoves is focused on reasonable prices and an extensive service area. Some of their main services include: 

  • Pick up, transport, and delivery of customer belongings
  • Door-to-door service
  • Loading and unloading
  • Professional packing and unpacking services
  • No minimum shipment size

MiniMoves only expects customers to pay for what they are moving.

If you still express concern about an appropriate-sized small move, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the idea that most small moves weigh about 1,500 pounds or less. Although, this number can vary depending on the moving company.

Move charges are almost always based on an hourly labor rate, optional valuation or insurance, and any additional services that include packing, unpacking, appliance disconnects, reconnects, and storage. Check with MiniMoves, too, on the minimum number of hours they abide by; typically, local movers have a three or 4-hour minimum.

What is the maximum move size for MiniMoves?

Even though it is a relative term, small moves are considered as either shipping a small, single item, you live in a studio or moderately furnished one-bedroom apartment, your new home is a college dorm room, you are moving only a few items, you are temporarily moving a few belongings during a home renovation, or you are shipping an item or two from an estate sale.

It varies by company, but for the most part, full-service moving companies will consider any shipments under 3,000 pounds to be a small move. Anything more significant than that is classified as a larger move.

How does MiniMoves ship furniture?

MiniMoves offers top-of-the-line furniture shipping services that are relative to big van lines. The small furniture moves do provide a unique focus on small shipments. Customers do not need to worry, though, because MiniMoves’ convenient shipping services and guaranteed prices allow you to plan with confidence.

It doesn’t matter what you are shipping; it could be a single piece of furniture to a college dorm room, liquidating an entire estate, or just simply sending furniture to a new apartment with MiniMoves customers can expect the most comprehensive and easy to use furniture shipping service.

With just a few simple steps, a customers’ moving experience can be made smooth and easy. Should you have any further questions regarding your move, do not hesitate to reach out to an expert MiniMoves associate.

Why is MiniMoves a good choice for people moving apartments?

Those looking to move with a relatively small amount of items should consider MiniMoves. The company is well known and respected for its hybrid interstate business model that links elements from local movers, container transport companies, and freight moving brokers.

The best aspect of MiniMoves and their services is that there are no minimum weight or size requirements that apply to any move. There is also a small risk of lost or damaged items, very predictable pricing estimates, and arrival dates. Customers are encouraged to visit MiniMoves’ website for a free quote and contact a representative for additional information requests.

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