Moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta: Movers and Cost

According to the Census Bureau, about half a million people migrate from the west to the south each year. Since 2014, California’s population growth has been on a steady decline. The state lost about 545,000 people between 2010 and 2017 while Georgia gained about 716,000 people in that same time frame.

In more recent times, between 2014 and 2018, an estimated 3,192 people have moved from Los Angeles to the Atlanta metro area. A closer analysis shows that while LA’s population rose from 3,792,620 in 2010 to 3,983,540 in 2021 to register a 5% increase, in Atlanta the population gain has been quite strong, rising from 420,003 in 2010 to 524,067 in 2021 to score a massive 25% gain.

Are you thinking about moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta? Find out why many other people are making the same move. Also find out how much this move will cost you, who the best interstate movers are, which places in ATL are best to move to, and so much more!

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How much does it cost to move from Los Angeles to Atlanta?

It is important to be fully informed about your relocation ahead of time. One of the key pieces of information you need is moving costs. Relocating a 2-3 bedroom unit from Los Angeles, CA, to Atlanta, GA, during the peak summer season will cost you between $1,904 and $8,992.

Here are some more estimates comparing different house sizes against different moving methods:

Home Size Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental
Studio / 1 Bedroom $2,230 – $6,755 $2,349 – $2,968 $1,853 – $2,700 $1,757 – $2,312
2 – 3 Bedroom $4,230 – $8,992 $3,064 – $4,663 $2,613 – $3,900 $1,904 – $2,752
4+ Bedroom $7,944 – $13,900 $4,237 – $5,999 $3,515 – $5,280 $2,427 – $3,379

Source: Our FREE moving cost calculator.

Please note that you may incur other additional costs during your move. Discuss all fees with your mover so that you are well informed about your entire relocation budget.

What are the best Los Angeles to Atlanta movers?

Company Price Vendor Type Quoting options Storage Minimum Move Size
Proud American Van Lines $$ Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
Safeway Moving $$ Carrier/Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
JK Moving Services $$$$ Carrier Phone/virtual estimate Yes 2 bedroom

Why do moving costs vary so much?

Why moving costs vary

The moving costs in the table above range between the two indicated figures. You will end up paying an amount within that bracket depending on how various factors affect your move.

When these factors are in favor of your move, you’ll pay lower fees, and when these factors don’t favor your move, you’ll pay more. What factors are these we’re talking about? Check them out below:

Factors that will cause your Los Angeles to Atlanta moving costs to rise or fall:

The total weight of your goods

The biggest factor moving companies use to determine your long-distance moving fees is the total weight of your goods. That is why if you live in a 4 bedroom house you are likely to pay more money compared to a person living in a 3 bedroom house. If you have a lot of stuff in your house you will be charged more. And if you don’t have clutter or too many possessions you will pay less.

Inbound vs. outbound moves

The flow of people in and out of a given city (or state) affects moving prices. For example, in LA more people are moving out than moving in. For that reason, the high demand for Los Angeles movers means you’ll pay slightly more compared to those moving into LA.

The same applies to Atlanta, GA. More people are moving into Georgia than moving out so, once again, that will slide your moving fees towards the higher side of the bracket.

The dates you choose to move

When you choose to move also has some effect on moving costs. Sometimes this effect can be subtle and at other times it can be significant.

How can my choice of a moving date affect my moving costs? Let’s take a look at that below:

Summer, weekends & holidays

Due to increased demand, moves that fall on weekends and holidays tend to cost more compared to moves that take place on weekdays. The summer holiday is also quite busy for the moving industry because demand is usually high. So if you choose to move during summer, you’ll pay a little more compared to what you’d pay during other times of the year.

And the compounding effect works here as well. If you move during a holiday that falls on a weekend, you pay more. If you move during a summer holiday that falls on a weekend you pay even more.

Other events:

Weekends, holidays, and the summer season aside, moving costs can also be affected by other events such as:

  • Bad weather – storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.
  • Music festivals
  • Major sports events
  • State fairs

The above events can cause heavy traffic and road closures. And these kinds of challenges can move your relocation costs up.

Summer events in Los Angeles that could affect your move:

  • L.A. Pride Festival – June
  • L.A. Film Festival – June
  • July 4th Fireworks – July
  • Anime Expo – July

Summer events in Atlanta that could affect your move:

  • Peachtree Road Race – July
  • Comic-Con Atlanta – August

Calculate your own moving costs from Los Angeles to Atlanta:

So is there a way to know how much your long-distance move from Atlanta to Los Angeles will cost? There is. You can get a pretty decent estimate by using our FREE moving cost calculator. Just key in your moving locations, date, and the size of your home! Try it out now.

Why are people moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta?

See why other people are moving from Los Angeles and relocating east to Atlanta. Compare what is driving them there with your wants and see if you just might need to make the same move.

The reasons why people are moving from Los Angeles

According to the American Community Survey, about 661K people left CA in 2017 alone. Between 2018 and 2019, California lost over 200,000 people (net) due to migration, the biggest loss in the country for any given state.

The main reasons why people are leaving Los Angeles (and other cities in CA) include:

  • High housing costs
  • Traffic
  • High cost of living
  • High taxes
  • Homelessness and rising crime levels

The reasons why people are moving to Atlanta

As we mentioned earlier, Atlanta is experiencing high population growth. In the period between 2018 and 2019, the state of Georgia had a population increase of about 50,000 due to net immigration – the 6th highest increase at the time.

The top reasons why people are moving to Atlanta include:

  • Lots of job opportunities
  • Affordable housing
  • Lower cost of living
  • A thriving nightlife and entertainment scene
  • Amazing food and drinks

Why people move from Los Angeles to Atlanta:

In 2018 alone, 459,000 people relocated from the West to the South. A closer analysis shows that about 3,192 people moved directly from Los Angeles to Atlanta between 2014 and 2018. Why are people moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta?

The top reasons include:

  • Low housing prices
  • Lots of job opportunities
  • Better chances of career and business growth
  • A higher quality of living
  • The growing entertainment and nightlife scene in Atlanta

Some of the best places to move to in Atlanta:

Part of planning for a move, especially a big one such as this, is to consider where you would like to settle. Atlanta is a big metropolitan city with many great neighborhoods to consider. Some of the best picks are:

Buckhead Village

Buckhead is located north of Atlanta, just above Midtown. It’s a newer, hip, and modern area bubbling with glitzy condos and apartment blocks. While it’s a high-end location and a major shopping center where you can find all the big-name brands, it’s a great place for young singles, couples, families, or professionals.

It’s expensive to rent or buy a property here but you get a lot of exclusivity and convenience in return.


Midtown is located just south of Buckhead and north of Downtown Atlanta. Here you’re right in the middle of it all – hence the name. You get access to everything such as Piedmont Park, great transportation and walkability, lots of greenery, plus plenty of entertainment, clubs, shopping outlets, and art centers. The area is popular with young professionals and students.

The property prices here are mid-range but not as high as in Buckhead.

East Atlanta Village

East Atlanta Village, or simply EAV, is located just east of Atlanta, as the name would suggest. Here you will find townhomes and single-family houses with most of the residents being buyers. Slightly removed from the city, East Atlanta Village is ideal for raising a family.

EAV is cheaper than Midtown or Buckhead and there are a wide variety of property options depending on what you’re looking for.

Old Fourth Ward

This location is on the rise. It’s a great neighborhood with a rich culture and close to both Midtown and Downtown. It’s a hippy town with a culturally diverse population and great entertainment, dining, and nightlife options to sample. There are lots of outdoor spaces, too, for walking, cycling, and jogging.

Because it’s a revamped area, property prices here are very affordable making it an ideal location for anyone.


Despite the name, this is one of the top places you want to live in if moving to Atlanta. Cabbage Town is located east of Atlanta and it’s a great place for young singles and couples. It’s very close to the city, within walking or riding distance to downtown. The area has undergone a facelift from an old industrial town to a hip, artsy neighborhood.

Property prices here are lower as a result. However, there are enough options for places to eat, party, or relax.


This is another great suburb just northeast of Atlanta’s central business district. It has a mix of everything, including good schools and great nightlife. Property prices are quite fair here as well. Decatur enjoys a slower pace of life compared to the buzzing city.

Despite having some crime spots in some areas, it’s a good place to buy a family home and set down roots.

Honorable mentions:

  • Milton
  • Westview
  • Druid Hills
  • Summerhill
  • Virginia Highlands
  • Brookhaven
  • Alpharetta
  • Poncey Highlands
  • Piedmont Heights
  • Peachtree Heights

Atlanta is one of the most desirable cities to move to from Los Angeles. With this move, you can escape the high costs of living in California and enjoy plenty of employment and business opportunities in Atlanta. See how much this move will cost you and explore some moving tips here to get started.

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