Moving from Maryland to Maine: Movers and Cost

Statistically, the rate of moving in the Northeast has always been lower than that of other US regions, such as the midwest, the south, and the west. Most people tend to be moving from the West to the South or from the Midwest to the south. So the northeast region sees little action. As a result, the Northeast has the lowest population change (gain or loss) across the board.

If you are planning an interstate move from Maryland to Maine, therefore, you are not alone; other Americans have made similar moves before for various reasons. The journey from MD to ME covers approximately 652 miles, and the most direct route traverses through Baltimore, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Read on to learn more about this move.

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How Much Does it Cost to Move from Maryland to Maine?

It will cost between $914 and $6,323 to move a 2-3 bedroom house from Baltimore, Maryland to Bangor, Maine, during the peak Summer period.

Check out the table below to see different rates for the same type of move but with variables for different household sizes and different types of movers.

Home Size Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental
Studio/1 Bedroom $1,453 – $ 4,555 $1,510 – $2,039 $950 – $1, 485 $864 – $1197
2-3 Bedrooms $2,450 – $6,323 $1,917 – $3,048 $1,140 – $1,688 $914 – $1,411
4+ Bedrooms $4,457 – $ 9,435 $2,545 – $3,787 $1,235 – $1,890 $1,153 – $1,667

*Pricing above does not include gas, tolls, lodging, and other related moving expenses.

What are the best Maryland to Maine movers?

Company Price Vendor Type Quoting options Storage Minimum Move Size
Proud American Van Lines $$ Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
Safeway Moving $$ Carrier/Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
JK Moving Services $$$$ Carrier Phone/virtual estimate Yes 2 bedroom

Why do moving costs vary so much?

Movers calculate costs using a broad and dynamic number of factors. The most straightforward of these are:

The type of move you choose to have: As you can see from the table above, you can choose between moving companies, moving containers, truck rentals, and freight services. Each has different costs.

The size of your house: The large your house is, the more you are likely to pay. This is because moving costs are based on the total weight of your furniture.

Extra moving services you might want: Extra moving services such as packing are great. They make relocations much easier. However, they add to your total moving costs.

Other factors that impact moving costs include:

Inbound versus outbound moves

All other factors considered, the particular state or city you are moving to/from can raise or lower your moving costs marginally. If you move to a state where many other people are moving, your moving costs will be slightly higher due to the high demand for trucks and staff. And vice versa.

When it comes to your Maryland to Maine move, how does this affect your costs? Well, there are slightly more people moving out of MD than moving in. That could bump your moving fees up but not significantly in this case. Inbound and outbound moves are almost equal for Maine, so you don’t pay more or less to relocate there.

Peak Seasons

The summer period sees a lot of moves take place. When better to move than during summer when the weather is good and the kids are on an extended break? This high number of moves means that demand is usually high, and available slots are scarce. As you can imagine, that drives rates up.

Weekends and holidays

Weekends and holidays affect your moving rates in the same way as explained above. Weekend moves will cost more than weekday moves. If there’s a holiday within that period, the fees are bound to rise even higher. And if it’s during summer, then expect estimates to go up even more.

Want to save money on your interstate move from Maryland to Maine? Avoid weekends, holidays, or the busy summer season (if you can).

Special factors/occasions that might affect your MD to ME move:

Apart from holidays, special state events, sporting events, music festivals, and unusual weather can also affect your move. And these special factors will not just hit your wallet. They are also likely to cause transport delays and extend the time it takes for you to get your furniture delivered to you.

Annual events in Maryland and Maine:

  • 4th of July Celebrations
  • Labor Day weekends
  • County Fairs

Special events in MD:

  • Ocean City Air Show
  • White Marline Open
  • The National Folk Festival
  • Weather: Chances of tropical storms and hurricanes

Special events in ME:

  • Great Falls Balloon Festival
  • Summer Kick-Off Weekend
  • North Atlantic Blues Festival
  • Yarmouth Clam Festival
  • Weather: Storms

Check out your personalized moving costs:

Do you want to know exactly how much your move from Maryland to Maine will cost? Use our FREE moving cost calculator to find out right now. Simply input your moving locations, dates, and size of your home for updated estimates.

You’ll also get recommendations for the best interstate moving companies.

Why are people moving from Maryland to Maine?

Between 2018 and 2019, Maryland lost 24,000 people due to domestic migration to other states within the country. Within the same period, Maine gained 7,000 domestic immigrants.

Are people moving from Maryland to Maine for the same reasons as you, or do they have other reasons motivating them? Let’s look into that by digging into the causes.

Why people are moving from Maryland

Many people have been moving out of Maryland in the last few years, even with the Coronavirus still raging on. The top reasons for this include:


Over 50% of the moves out of Maryland are due to work; the movers are relocating to work in other states. This could be an indicator that the job market in MD is tough. It could also be an indicator that firms outside Maryland are hiring elite professionals from the state.


A good number of the movers driving outbound moves in Maryland are older. A majority of these are looking for a warmer and cheaper place to retire. Most people move to MD to work or go to school. For those in the state looking for a more relaxed way of life, the top solution is to move out of state.

Cost of living

Some of the people leaving Maryland are doing so to seek a cheaper way of life. That, and new job opportunities, are strong economic incentives.


A small fraction of the people leaving MD is looking for a more relaxed and casual lifestyle.

Why people are moving to Maine

High quality of living

Maine has friendly locals, good food, great medical amenities, and other factors that are attractive for retiring or bringing up a family.

Lower cost of living

The cost of living in Maine is not bad at all. With lots of rural and semi-rural towns, you can enjoy cheaper food and housing in any city within the state.

Low crime

Maine is one of the safest states to live in the US. What’s not to like about that?

A serene environment

Maine is dotted with a vast, beautiful coastline and trees. And during winter, the state enjoys a thick coat of snow. If you want a quiet and cozy state to live in, then this is it.

Job opportunities

The unemployment rate in ME is quite low at just above 2%. And the wages are good. More importantly, there are many industries here with promising job opportunities and career growth.

Why people are moving from Maryland to Maine

So now you have a good idea why people are moving from Maryland. You also know why they are moving to Maine. Let’s look at why some are specifically leaving Maryland for Maine.


Some people choose to move to Maine to start a family or rejoin their family members already living here. This is in consideration of factors such as low cost of living, low crime, and the prevailing Coronavirus pandemic.

Job opportunities

Maine has promising job opportunities for doctors, nurses, caregivers, physical therapists, mechanics, and technicians.


Many people chose to retire in Maine because of the relaxed atmosphere here, low crime rates, and a relaxed cost of living.

Lifestyle and quality of life

Maine is an excellent option for people looking to escape the busy city life in Maryland. Here they can take it easy, get a house in a semi-rural town, enjoy better security, and soak up the outdoors more.

Cost of living

The cost of living index for Maine is 96 compared to Maryland’s 113. This makes Maine a better option for retirees and families looking to move out of MD.

What are some of the best places to move to in Maine?

Most of the northeastern part of Maine is remote and scarcely populated. It’s also much colder to the north, all the way up to the Canadian border. Winters around these areas experience heavy snow.

The coastal strip to the south is where the urban towns and cities are located. The weather is warmer in these parts due to the coastal climate. Here you can find a thriving music scene, bars, great food, beaches, and breweries. Overall, Maine is a quiet and relaxed place, good for kids and retirees.

It’s important that you set yourself up in a location that meets your needs well once you get to Maine. After all, different people moving here may want different things. Some are looking to retire, others to work, and others want some peace and quiet. Here are some of the places considered great to live in Maine.


Scarborough has a population of about 19K people. It is a quiet suburb just south of Portland. The town enjoys restaurants, beaches, and a good transport system. Living here, you get to enjoy the modern amenities that Portland provides while still staying close to the beach. Scarborough has friendly people and fantastic scenery/outdoors.

Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth is a smaller quiet town with a population of only 9K. It’s located Southeast of Portland and Scarborough, right on the coast. Here you are guaranteed that happy, small-town feel. Cape Elizabeth is also one of the safest places to live in Maine, so it’s perfect for raising a family. The town has great beaches, good public schools, and wonderful adventure trails outdoors.


Cumberland is another great place to live in the state of Maine. It is yet another small town with just 7K people. It’s located north of Portland, adjacent to Yarmouth (to the west). The cost of housing is much cheaper here compared to other towns and cities nearby. The area also enjoys lower crime rates. It’s a quiet and relaxed neighborhood with young workers and professionals.


Portland is the largest city in Maine. It is home to 66K people and is regarded as a foodie city. Here you can enjoy lots of unique food, beer, lobster, and pizza.

Some parts of Portland are rich and expensive, but the suburbs outside the city are great options if you want to enjoy city life on a lighter budget. Portland enjoys many tourists year-round and has its fair share of shopping malls, arts, and restaurants. Crime is a bit of a factor, just as in any other big city but not as bad compared to other cities in the country.


Brunswick is slightly larger than some of the smaller towns on this list. It houses 20K people and is located between Augusta and Portland, right on the coastal strip. Besides warmer weather and lower cost of housing, people love Brunswick for the beaches, arts/museums, restaurants, and its health amenities.

Other notable mentions:

Freeport, Sabattus, Hampden, Augusta, Bangor, Kennebunk, Yarmouth, Bar Harbor, and Houlton.

We wish you a great moving experience as you relocate from Maryland to Maine. We hope this read has helped you get an idea of what your MD to ME moving costs may look like, as well as what this relocation has in store for you.

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