How Much Can You Fit in a U-Box?

Bulky items like mattresses, dressers, and refrigerators generally fit inside U-Box moving containers without much hassle.

The truth is that renting a moving truck isn’t for everyone, and professional moving services can break the bank.

Thankfully U-Box containers are relatively inexpensive, they can be used for DIY moving and storage, and depending on your needs, you can choose from various delivery options.

They’re worth considering whether your new home is around the corner, across the country, or on the other side of the globe.

In this post, we’ll cover everything from what items fit in U-Box containers to how much driveway space they take up.

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U-Haul U-Box dimensions

On the inside, where it matters most, U-Box containers measure –

  • 7 feet 11 inches long
  • 4 feet 8 inches wide
  • 6 feet 11.5 inches high

With approximately 257 cubic feet of usable space, U-Box claims that each container can hold about 1½ rooms worth of furniture and boxes.

Just remember that you may run out of space sooner if you’re loading skills aren’t exactly world-class.

Each container can hold a maximum of 2,000 pounds, but this shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re moving lots of books or your grandpa’s antique paperweight collection.

It’s also worth noting that U-Box containers measure more than 9 feet diagonally, which can come in handy for awkward items like rolled rugs.

Many large items fit in U-Box containers

One of the most commonly asked questions about U-Box containers as if they’re large enough for a king and queen mattresses.

The answer in both cases is usually “yes.”

In fact, averaging about 7 feet long x 6 feet wide, even most California king mattresses and box springs will fit, as will –

  • Full-size sofas (average length is about 7 feet)
  • Standard refrigerators (most are about 6 feet tall)

U-Box containers don’t take up much driveway space

U-Box container’s exterior dimensions are approximately 8 feet long x 5 feet wide x 7 feet 10 inches tall when the vinyl cover is installed.

In other words, each U-Box only takes up about 40 square feet of ground space compared to about 96 square feet for a 2015 Toyota Camry.

Though they have less usable space than some competitors’ units, U-Box’s smaller footprints make them good choices in tight areas like college campuses and apartment complex parking lots.

U-Box container construction

U-Box containers are constructed with treated, pest-resistant plywood, and each is delivered with a heavy-duty vinyl cover that fits over the top.

They’re manufactured exclusively for U-Haul, and though wood isn’t as durable as metal, it does allow the items inside to breathe.

This doesn’t mean you can move and store living things, but it’s better for sensitive furniture than can get damaged due to expansion and contraction, especially in areas that experience considerable fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

During transport, containers are loaded inside a truck, so they shouldn’t be in direct contact with snow, sleet, or rain.

However, loading or unloading in inclement weather can be an issue, as the containers aren’t technically weather or waterproof.

U-Box containers for local, cross-country, and international relocations

When moving domestically, containers are transported on trucks with “gentle-ride” suspensions to minimize (or hopefully eliminate) damage.

Unlike some competitors, U-Pack also provides moving services between the lower 48 states and Alaska and Hawaii.

Since both storage and international shipping are available, U-Box containers are good options for college students vacating dorms or apartments over the summer break or studying abroad for a semester or two.

But though they’re most popular when moving household items, U-Box containers also work well for –

  • Portable business storage
  • Shipping items to trade shows
  • Storing tools and building materials during home renovations

With U-Box, you can also –

  • Schedule labor for loading and unloading
  • Save money by loading or unloading at a neighborhood U-Haul location
  • Pick up your container with a U-Box trailer (if you’re moving locally)

Frequently asked questions (faqs)

Can I use my U-Box for storage?

Yes, U-Box containers can be kept on your property or stored at a U-Haul facility until you’re ready for final delivery. Though prices vary, you’ll generally pay between 50 and $100 per container per month in addition to initial and final delivery fees.

Do U-Box containers come in multiple sizes?

No, U-Box containers only come in one size.

Will U-Haul load the container for me?

Yes, U-Haul can provide labor for loading and unloading through partner company Moving Help. You can check availability and book moving labor when you reserve your container.

What’s included in my U-Box quote?

Depending on which services you need, your free online quote will generally include delivery to and from your home, monthly storage, and long-distance transportation charges if you’re moving long-distance.

Are delivery dates guaranteed?

Yes, delivery dates are guaranteed. If U-Box fails to make timely delivery at your final destination, they’ll reimburse you $50 per day, up to the total shipping cost. Remember that reimbursement is the same regardless of the number of containers you used.

Will my household goods be insured during transit and storage?

According to, your belongings aren’t insured for loss or damage while being stored or transported in U-Box containers. However, when making your reservation, you can add mobile storage insurance to protect your belongings and cover damage to the container when it’s in your possession.

Are PODS containers bigger than U-Boxes?

Yes, PODS 8-foot containers have more than 400 cubic feet of interior space than just 257 for U-Box containers. In addition, PODS offers three different container sizes, the largest of which (the 16-footer) has more than three times the interior space.

Can I rent furniture pads and other equipment at

Each container comes with two dozen moving pads at no additional charge, and packing material like paper, tape, and boxes can be purchased online or at your local U-Haul facility.

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