How Much do Kennewick Movers Cost?

Quick answer: The typical cost for hiring movers in Kennewick, WA is $282 per hour with a total move cost ranging from $793 to $9,062, on average. If you’re moving out of Washington, the cost of hiring long-distance movers in Kennewick really depends on where you’re moving.

Use our moving cost calculator below for a quick and personalized price estimate for your move out of Kennewick, WA.

Average cost to hire a local moving company in Kennewick

Hiring a full-service Kennewick mover is definitely the most convenient option, but its convenience comes at a cost. Decide whether you want movers to do all the heavy lifting or if you want to save money by doing some of the work yourself.

Here's how much movers cost in Kennewick:

Home size Avg. total cost Cost/hour # of movers # hours
Studio $793 $395 2 movers 3 hours
1 bedroom $1,188 $395 2 movers 4 hours
2 bedroom $2,057 $553 3 movers 5 hours
3 bedroom $5,042 $774 4 movers 8 hours
4 bedroom $5,816 $774 4 movers 9 hours
5+ bedroom $9,062 $1,083 5 movers 10 hours
  • Studio: The average cost to hire movers in Kennewick to move a studio apartment is $793. You'll need two movers for three hours at $395 per hour.
  • One bedroom: If you have a one-bedroom apartment or home, expect to pay around $1,188 for local Kennewick movers. You'll need two movers for four hours at $395 per hour.
  • Two bedrooms: The average cost to hire Kennewick movers to move a two-bedroom home is $2,057. You'll need three movers for five hours at $553 per hour.
  • Three bedrooms: For a three-bedroom home, expect to pay $5,042 for local Kennewick movers. A three-bedroom typically requires four movers for eight hours at $774 per hour.
  • Four bedrooms: Moving a four-bedroom house in Kennewick will cost $5,816, on average. The cost to move a larger home can vary, but typically requires four movers for nine hours at $774 per hour.
  • Five or more bedrooms: The cost of hiring Kennewick movers for a home with five or more bedrooms is $9,062. You'll need five movers for ten hours at $1,083 per hour.

It's worth noting the cost per hour for Kennewick movers remains the same for all home sizes, ranging from $395 per hour for two movers to $1,083 per hour for five movers. As the size of your home increases, the number of movers and hours required for the move also increases, resulting in a higher overall cost.

Overall, hiring local Kennewick movers is a convenient and stress-free way to move within the city. By knowing the approximate cost for your home size, you can budget accordingly and make informed decisions for your upcoming move.

Best moving companies in Kennewick, WA

Our team of analysts has spent thousands of hours cross-referencing license data, insurance data, online reviews, and hundreds of other data points to find you the best local moving companies in Kennewick.

Company Quote Rating Contact
Bekins Northwest Get A Quote starstarstarstarstar
4.66 overall rating
10115 E Knox Ave, Spokane Valley, WA, 99206
(877) 894-6803
Help-U-Move Inc. Get A Quote starstarstarstarstar
4.62 overall rating
3416 N Swallow Ave, Pasco, WA, 99301
(509) 547-2212

Visit our best movers in Kennewick page to see a complete list of moving companies, including hourly rates, services, and reviews. And if you’re moving outside of Kennewick, consider one of Kennewick’s top long-distance movers.

Ask your mover

  • Places like high-rises and managed apartments will often require a copy of your mover's insurance and elevator reservation on moving day.
  • Check ahead with any neighborhood, community, or HOA rules on moving to ensure a smooth move.
  • Movers operating within Washington DC city limits are subject to regulation by the Utilities and Transportation Commission, which issues operating permits to household goods moving companies.
  • When planning a move in Washington state, explore movers' insurance options for added peace of mind. Many moving companies offer Released Value Protection at no extra cost, covering items at 60 cents per pound. Enhance your protection by discussing Full Value Protection with the moving company or exploring personalized plans with third-party insurance providers. Understand coverage limits, potential extra costs, and read reviews to make an informed decision on your Washington state moving insurance.

Work with your movers to ensure all these items are taken care of before moving day.

Average cost to rent a moving truck in Kennewick

You'll definitely have to break a sweat, but moving truck rentals in Kennewick will absolutely be easier on your wallet.

Here's how the costs of Kennewick rental trucks break down:

  • Base cost: $19–$39 per day
  • Mileage fee: $0.89–$1.29 per mile
  • Fuel cost: Dependent on driving distance.
  • Truck coverage: $20–$55 based on coverage level
  • Parking permit (if necessary):
  • Equipment costs (optional): Dolly, straps, blankets

The total cost to rent a truck will depend on how far a distance you drive the truck, how many days you have the truck rented and a number of additional costs like insurance, parking, and moving equipment rentals.

Average cost to rent a moving container in Kennewick

Kennewick has plenty of moving container companies to choose from. The containers are delivered, you load everything into them, the company picks it up, and it gets put in storage until you're ready for everything to be delivered to your new place.

Naturally, the advantage here is storage. These things will buy you time if you end up with a weird gap between leases.

Here's roughly what moving containers in Kennewick are going to cost:

  • Storage fee: $89.95 per 30 days
  • Initial delivery: $72.0
  • Final delivery fee: $85.0
  • Damage coverage: $10–$350 based on coverage level
  • Parking permit (if necessary):
  • Door lock (if necessary): $10–$15
  • Equipment costs (if necessary): Dolly, straps, blankets (optional)

Storing everything in a one-bedroom will end up costing somewhere around $257–$637 door to door. Still, you might want to factor in a little extra in case you end up paying for labor.

Each large container holds about three rooms until it's completely full. You might end up needing more containers, but keep in mind that your cost will essentially double with each container you add.

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