Average Cost to Move a 4 Bedroom House

Quick Answer: The average cost to ship 4 bedrooms cross country will range from $7,700 to $12,800. You may be able to get the cost down to about $2,700 if you pack your things and only pay for transportation. Hiring a full-service moving company will cost between $5,300 and $15,800.

Longer Answer:

Moving a four-bedroom apartment across the country is a big job. For most, this type of job will require a professional mover. Trying to handle this on your own could lead to disaster as you realize how large a job it really is to move 4 bedrooms.

While the best option is likely to hire a professional moving company or a freight trailer company, these aren’t your only two options. You can take the DIY route, but it may not be worth it once you look at the cost of renting a truck, paying for gas, and paying for any overnight stays along the way.

The truth is. For a cross country move of this size, the circumstances of your move are going to be the biggest factors of how much it will cost. Use our moving cost calculator to get the best estimation of the cost of your move.

Now, let’s look closer at the cost to ship a 4-bedroom house cross country with the best options.

Cost of Moving 4 Bedrooms Cross Country

  • Rental Truck$3,000 to $8,500 – It may be difficult to find a truck large enough, and you’ll have to do all the work.
  • Freight Company$2,300 to $5,000 – An affordable solution for larger moves
  • Cargo Trailer – NOT A VIABLE OPTION
  • Moving Company$4,400 to $15,800 – Most convenient option, but can be very costly during the peak moving season.

Why You Can’t Move a 4 Bedroom Home with a Cargo Trailer

The two-behind option works great for smaller moves, but it’s not a great choice for larger moves. If you tried to move four bedrooms cross country with a cargo trailer, you’d likely need to rent two large cargo trailers.

This means, you have to have the vehicles to pull both cargo trailers and you’ll have to pack both trailers, as well.

It’s not a practical option since finding a cargo trailer large enough to move four bedrooms is nearly impossible.
The only way you will likely be able to use a tow-behind to move four bedrooms cross country is to eliminate some things. If you decide to sell things and you can get the amount you’re moving cut way down, you might be able to use a cargo trailer for a four-bedroom cross country move.

However, the larger cargo trailers will only give you about half the room of a large moving truck. Even if you sell all your furniture, you may not be able to fit a four-bedroom home into a large cargo trailer.

The DIY Solution for Moving Cross Country

For a four-bedroom home, you will need a huge moving truck or multiple trucks to move your things. If you plan to handle the move yourself, make sure you can rent a large enough truck, and you’re comfortable driving the truck cross country.

Freight Moving Companies Offer Plenty of Space

When you decide a freight moving company is a good idea for your cross country move, you’ll have plenty of space. They will drop off a 28-foot long trailer, which you can load as full as you need to with your things.

The best part about choosing a freight company for your 4 bedroom move, you don’t have to drive a big truck. You’ll be trusting the freight moving company to drive your things across the country, which also means they will foot the bill for gas.

You can use a freight company and avoid loading the trailer yourself, too. Laborers are available to help you load the trailer with furniture and all your belongings.

Renting a Large Moving Truck for a 4-Bedroom Home

If you decide to tackle the move all on your own, you will need to rent a 26-foot moving truck. While some truck rental companies will state a four-bedroom home may fit in a 22-foot moving truck, most 4-bedroom homes will require more space.

Even a 26-foot moving truck may not be enough space for all your things. It really depends on how large your four-bedroom home is and how many things you own. An average four-bedroom home with a garage full of things will likely take up more room than a 26-foot moving truck offers.

However, if you believe you can get your things into a 26-foot moving truck, you can take the DIY route and rent a moving truck for your cross country move. Just remember, a 26-foot moving truck, fully loaded will get about 10 miles per gallon of gas, if you’re lucky.

Also, if you plan to pull your personal vehicle behind the moving truck, you will have the rental cost of a car dolly or trailer. The truck’s gas mileage will also be less and it will be more difficult to drive.

Consider using a car shipping company instead.

When you decide to rent a moving truck for your cross country move, some of the factors to consider include:

  • Drivability: Most drivers may be comfortable with a smaller moving truck, but a 26-foot truck is rather large. Make sure you’re comfortable driving the truck cross country, especially if you plan to pull your vehicle behind it.
  • Gas: The cost of gas could make your DIY move not worth the hassle. Depending on the current gas prices, you could be spending several hundred dollars on gas in the moving truck.
  • Food: As you drive cross country, you will need to eat. Make sure you factor in the cost of meals for your move.
  • Lodging: You may be capable of driving your car 1,000 miles in one day, but a large moving truck is much different. Be prepared to pay for lodging along the way.

There may be other expenses you run into along the way, as well. Make sure you’ve looked at the true final cost of a DIY move cross country with a large moving truck before you make your final decision.

If you’re moving your entire family, one parent driving the moving truck, while the other drives the regular vehicle can be stressful. It can make the moving experience harder for everybody.

Make sure you consider the fact that you will get tired faster driving a large moving truck, too. Even professional truck drivers have to take breaks, and they are only allowed to drive for so many hours out of each day.

Hiring Professional Movers for Your 4 Bedroom Cross Country Move

The best option for moving a four-bedroom home cross county is a professional moving company. Whether you hire full-service movers to pack and unpack your things is up to you, but they should at least be hired to load the truck, transport your items, and unload the truck at your final destination.

Yes, a professional moving company will cost more than the DIY options listed above. It will likely cost more than using a freight company, as well. However, for a four-bedroom move, a professional mover will know how much space you need, and they will be able to provide the best service.

The only reason you may want to choose a freight company over a professional mover for this size move is the pricing during peak season. Some moving companies may charge a very high premium for long-distance moves during the summer and other peak times. If the price is way too high, your best choice is a freight company.

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