How Much Does it Cost to Store Furniture With a Moving Company?

Movers and storage go hand in hand. In fact they’re so related that movers offer storage.

However, should you store with your moving company? Should you hire external storage solutions instead?

Here is everything you should consider on moving and storage solutions.

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  • Consider moving container companies. A perfect solution if you need a mover and long-term storage in one
  • Whatever moving or storage solution you choose, you should know how much it’s going to cost. For that, use our moving cost estimator

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this article, you’re moving soon. There’s also a good chance if you’re moving soon, you will need temporary storage for your furniture and items.

A few storage options are available to you for temporary storage needs. The way you’ll want to store your items will depend on your budget, convenience, type of move, and size of move.

We’ll dive into all the things to consider when booking a storage option and which one is the best for your long-distance move.

Factors that Affect your Storage Options

In this section, we’re going to mention some of the things you should consider when you’re deciding the storage aspect of your move.

Length of Storage Time: If you’re thinking about storing your items with a moving company, consider the length of time that your items need to be stored. A good rule of thumb is that a moving company might not be the best option if your move is over six months long.

For longer-term or indefinite storage, renting a moving container might be your best option. The moving container doubles as a storage container which means that your items don’t have to be unloaded until you’re finally moving into your new home.

Access to the Items: Will you need access to your items while they’re in storage? If so, you should forget about storing it with a moving company. This is because they’ll store your items in their warehouse and for regulatory reasons, you won’t have access to the warehouse.

If you need to have access to your items in storage, you should rent a moving pod. These companies will have a secure storage facility that you can go to access your items.

When Should I Store My Furniture with a Moving Company?

Most movers have storage. If the amount of time that you need to have your items in storage is short-term and defined, it’s probably a good idea that you do it with your moving company. Just make sure you won’t need access to those stored goods. Why?

Storing your items with a moving company allows you to only have to deal with one company. Hire a reputable moving company, and your move and storage will be issue free.

If you hire a moving company and your storage separately, you’ll have to coordinate the deliveries meticulously not to raise costs and not to cause delays.

Why else is storing short-term with a moving company a good idea?

Most companies include 30 days of storage in your estimate. That’s a whole month of storage that you won’t have to pay for separately. Not to mention all of the add-on expenses of self-storage that you’d avoid. Just make sure when you’re booking your moving company that the 30 days of storage are included.

Get to Know “Storage in Transit”

Storage in Transit is essential to know if you are storing with a moving company. If you’re looking for a very short-term storage option, this might be what you’re looking for. It’s actually quite simple.

Something many people don’t realize is that your move is going to take some days to get to the destination. If you’re looking for a storage option for a week or two, you might not even need it. Make sure you know exactly when you can be at the destination and find out how long the delivery will take. If you can get there before your items get to the destination, you’ve just hacked your way into getting short-term storage without having to do anything for it.

To give you an idea of the timing for storage in transit, the following table shows how long a company might take for a move.

Distance of the Move Delivery Days
0-500 miles: 0-7 business days.
501-1000 miles: 1-10 business days.
1001-1500 miles: 2-12 business days.
1501-2000 miles: 5-14 business days.
2001-3300 miles: 7-21 business days.

Finally, How Much Does it Cost to Store Furniture with a Moving Company?

A pretty basic long-distance rate for moving company storage is about 40¢ per cubic foot. Once you’ve got your official moving quote, it’ll be easy to calculate how much that will be. An excellent tool to use to get a quick quote for a moving company is our moving cost estimating tool.

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