Moving From California to New Jersey: Movers and Cost

If you’re considering moving out of California and into New Jersey, there are a few things you need to know about the process. You also might not know why people are choosing to move to New Jersey. Knowing why people are moving away from California and into New Jersey can be incredibly beneficial in helping you decide if New Jersey should be your new home.That’s why we have put together this convenient interstate moving guide. We will look at why people are moving to New Jersey and how much you should look to spend on your move. Once you have an idea surrounding how much you need to spend, you will be able to budget your move accordingly.

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How Much Does It Cost To Move From California To New Jersey?

On average, you can expect moving from California to New Jersey to cost you roughly between $2,133 and $13,900.

In the moving industry, some forms of transportation are more costly than others. Additionally, it will always cost you more to move to a bigger house that has more belongings. Moreover, if you choose to use professional packers, you will also need to pay more.

When evaluating the various aspects of moving from California to New Jersey, it can seem like an almost impossible task, but you don’t need to worry too much. As long as you know how many rooms you need to move and the location you are traveling to, determining a moving cost estimation is easy.

Yet, when you are planning an interstate move, you need to be aware of exactly how much a move will cost you to budget appropriately. That’s why you should consider looking at our moving cost estimation table below. It will grant you a much better understanding of how much you will pay depending on the type of transportation you choose.

Home Size Professional Movers Container Freight Rental Truck
1 Bedroom $2,133 – $4,390 $2,932 – $3,710 $2,470 – $3,120 $2,219 – $2,803
2 Bedroom $3,893 – $5,670 $3,811 – $4,814 $3,325 – $4,200 $2,309 – $2,915
3 Bedroom $4,700 – $7,230 $4,589 – $5,796 $4,275 – $5,400 $2,642 – $3,337
4 Bedroom $5,550 – $9,350 $5,268 – $6,654 $4,940 – $6,240 $2,917 – $3,685
5 Bedroom $7,652 – $13,900 $5,914 – $7,470 $5,225 – $6,600 $3,246 – $4,100

* Note that the cost estimates in this table don’t take into account the various prices associated with lodging, gas, and tolls.

What are the best California to New Jersey movers?

Company Price Vendor Type Quoting options Storage Minimum Move Size
Proud American Van Lines $$ Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
Safeway Moving $$ Carrier/Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
JK Moving Services $$$$ Carrier Phone/virtual estimate Yes 2 bedroom

Why Do Moving Costs Vary So Much

Have you been planning your interstate move, and it appears that the various pricing estimates you receive don’t make sense? If so, you will be elated to learn that you are not the only one to find confusing this particular aspect of the moving process.

Usually, moving companies’ quotes will differ depending on the time of year you decide to move. Many simple reasons are surrounding why moving quote prices differ, which we will speak about below. However, if you would like a more accurate and personalized moving cost estimate quickly, you may want to have a look using a respectable moving cost calculator.

Inbound Vs. Outbound Demand

Did you know that inbound versus outbound demand is one of the most significant factors that affect how much money you will need to pay for an interstate move? If you’re struggling to wrap your head around the concept of inbound versus outbound, simply think of supply and demand to better understand what this concept is.

Essentially inbound versus outbound demand refers to how many people are moving from one city or state and into another. Should you be among many people moving to a particular place, it’s likely that you won’t pay as much for your move. However, if you are among only a few people moving to a certain location, you will likely have to pay more for your move.

More people are moving out of California than into it, which means more moving truck services are active, making moving prices less expensive. Interestingly, in New Jersey, more people are moving out of the state than into it, which means you will pay cheaper moving rates.

Short Term And Long Term Storage

Many people who decide to move from California to New Jersey cannot take all their possessions with them at once. The distance between California and New Jersey is extremely far, so most will place various non-essential moving items in storage to save on moving costs.

There are primarily two storage options that moving companies offer. You can choose to store your possessions for the short term, or you can rent out a storage unit with your moving company for the long term. Depending on which moving company you choose, you will likely save on moving costs even after renting a storage facility.

Yet, it’s vital to note that not all moving companies offer storage solutions. If this is the case, you may need to find an alternative storage company that could be expensive. A more expensive storage facility will push your budget up and cause you to pay out more for your move.

Lodging, Fuel, and Food

There are approximately 2,800 miles between California and New Jersey, making it one of the longest interstate moves possible in the United States. Due to the fact you are moving such a great distance, you will need to budget for additional costs such as lodging, fuel, and food for your moving company.

When you participate in such a long-distance move, your moving company will likely charge you accommodation costs because they will need to take a few breaks. They will also charge you for meals that they will need to consume over the few days while on the road and fuel costs that will differ from state to state.

Off-Peak Vs. Peak Season Moving

Have a few moving companies given you quotes according to different dates and seasons? If so, there are likely differences in how much you need to pay when you look at the differing dates.

Should you choose to move during the peak season, you will often pay a much higher price than if you plan your move during the off-peak moving season. In the US, the peak moving season is generally during the summer, so you should avoid moving during the summer months if you can avoid it.

Yet, summer is not the only time of year that classifies as peak moving season. You should note that school holidays, sporting events, and music festivals also classify as peak moving times during the year.

If you don’t have an endless moving budget, you will want to avoid moving during these events. Moving companies tend to push up their prices during these events because there are not as many outbound transportation options available.

New Jersey Major Annual Events

  • Wildwoods International Kite Festival – May
  • New Jersey Folk Festival – April.
  • Hungarian Festival – June.
  • Liberty Jazz Festival – September.
  • New Jersey International Film Festival – January.

California Major Annual Events

  • Anime Los Angeles – January.
  • San Diego Comic-Con – July.
  • Silicon Valley Pride – August.
  • Del Mar Antiques & Art & Design Show – September.

Professional Packers

If you don’t want to pack up your house or business yourself, you will need to hire a team of professional packers. However, hiring professional packers is going to push up your budget. Generally, if you hire a professional packing team, you need to know that it will cost you between $25 to $40 per hour per packer. Yet, this price estimate does not factor in material costs.

To put this into perspective, packing up a two-bedroom house will take three to four hours, costing you between $100 to $400 depending on how many professional packers you employ.

Vehicle Transportation

Are you debating transporting your vehicle to your new residence via a moving company instead of driving it there? If so, you will need to budget between $900 to $1200 to ship your car, depending on its size. Should this be something you want to do, you will be happy to learn that a few California moving companies offer vehicle transportation services in addition to moving services.

Moving Insurance

In the US, most states require moving companies to carry basic moving insurance, but this coverage often won’t cover the cost of replacing your belongings if they sustain damage, are lost or are stolen. Therefore, if you have a few priceless possessions that you don’t want to lose, you should consider obtaining your own additional insurance coverage.

However, there are quite a few moving companies that make use of comprehensive insurance policies. If you use a company with this type of insurance coverage and your items sustain damage, are lost, or are stolen during the move to New Jersey, you will likely receive full compensation for them. Remember that these companies are usually more expensive because they have these full value protection coverage policies.


When you move between states, you will have to set up new utilities such as gas, electric, internet, and television services. Moreover, you might even need other utilities like water, security systems, and sewerage. These utilities can be expensive but are often necessary. Although they are not strictly related to your transportation budget, they should be a part of your final moving budget.

Various Moving Supplies

You won’t be able to move without moving supplies, so you need to budget for them. A few moving companies, such as full-service moving companies, offer moving supplies as part of their quotation. Other moving companies can arrange the moving supplies for you, but this will usually come at an extra cost. Below are some of the foremost moving supplies you will likely need.

  • Moving tape.
  • Labels and markers.
  • Different size box cutters and scissors.
  • Crates and different size boxes.
  • Moving blankets and furniture covers.

Why Are People Moving From California To New Jersey

Before, California was one of the most sought-after states to move to, but it is now one of the states experiencing the greatest growth decreases. In recent years California has seen its population shrinking as more people opt to leave the state.

You are probably wondering why people are choosing to leave this sunny state. Well, for starters, the state has one of the highest income tax brackets in the country, making it an expensive state to live in. Besides the high-income taxes, many other people choose to leave because of the few job opportunities and the incredibly high rental and buying costs.

In contrast, New Jersey has a much better tax situation. The state doesn’t charge a sales tax on almost all unprepared foods, medicine, clothing, and household paper. There are many other reasons why New Jersey is an incredible place to move to, which is likely why many Californians opt to make this state their new home.


Many families choose to move to New Jersey because of the excellent schools available. Each year this state’s schools continuously rank well because of their various learning opportunities and incredible scholarly achievements. According to statistics, in 2021, New Jersey impressively has the 3rd best school system in America.

Some of the best universities in New Jersey include the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the Seton Hall University, the Montclair State University, and the Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Hunterdon, Bergen, Morris, Somerset, and Monmouth are some of this state’s best school districts.

Historically Rich

If you’re a history boffin, you will likely want to move away from California and to New Jersey. This state is known for its rich history as it has many notable historic attractions. After settling in, you can visit the Fort Mott State Park, Hunterdon Museum, Allaire Village, Batsto Village, and Monmouth Battlefield State Park.

Full-Service Gas Stations

Some people prefer to move between states because one is more convenient than the other. If you hate having to put in your own gas at the gas station, you should consider New Jersey.

This lovely state is the only one in the US where it is illegal to put in your own gas, which means every gas station is a full-service station. You won’t need to ever leave your car as someone will pump your fuel for you.


Should you be looking to buy a house and settle down, New Jersey is a much more affordable option than California. In California, you will pay approximately $689,500 for a three-bedroom house, whereas in New Jersey, you will pay on average $362,709 for a three-bedroom house. This translates to a shocking difference of $326,791 between the two states.

Family-Friendly Activities

People are moving away from California and into New Jersey because the state has an abundance of family-friendly towns that offer numerous family-friendly activities. In New Jersey, all the Midtown Direct Train Line communities have spectacular parks for children, impressive after-school programs, and safe summer camps.

Additionally, this state has many families with children, so you won’t have any issue finding or making friends with families who have children.

Restaurants And Eateries

Do you enjoy spending time trying out different restaurants or eateries? If you do, then New Jersey might be the best place for you to move. This state is ideal for those who want to participate in fine dining or try out authentic ethnic cuisine.

Interestingly there are more than 700 authentic ethnic restaurants throughout the state, and you won’t have any issue finding a fantastic diner as there is one in nearly every neighborhood.

Where Are Some Of The Very Best Places To Move To In New Jersey

When you decide to move to New Jersey, you need to remember to research where you want to live and where you should avoid living. You will need to examine crime rates, popularity ratings, and work and life balance ratings.

Yet, it isn’t easy choosing the ideal location to put roots down without help. That’s why we have found a few of the best places in New Jersey where you can buy a house. Additionally, we have also found the locations you need to avoid moving to in this state.

The Very Best Places To Purchase a House in New Jersey

  • Mountain Lakes – Suburb.
  • Princeton Junction – Town.
  • Robbinsville – Town.
  • Springdale – Suburb.
  • Englewood Cliffs – City

Where To Avoid Living In New Jersey

  • Penns Grove – Town.
  • Buena – Town.
  • Jersey City – City.
  • Laurel Lake – Town.
  • Wildwood – Town.

If you’re moving from California to New Jersey, you need to hire professionals from a respectable and reputable moving company. When hiking this type of company, you need to also make sure that they have experience with long-distance moves. You don’t want to use a moving company that lacks the necessary experience to make your long-distance haul a success.

When you choose an honorable moving company, you are setting yourself up for success. If your mind is set on moving from California to New Jersey and you are more than ready to begin planning, you can use our free moving cost calculator. With it, you can find out the moving cost estimates you need.