Moving From California to Vermont: Movers and Cost

Quick answer: On average, it will cost you between $1,000-$6,000 to move from California to Vermont, depending on the size of your move, when you’re moving, and what mover you choose. 

Moving can be quite a daunting and tiresome operation. What can make a move more challenging is when you go from one end of the country to the other.

Take California to Vermont. That’s roughly 3,000 miles. However, if you are fascinated with the Green Mountain State, you are not alone. Recently, Vermont has experienced a growth in population over the years. This is in part due to the fact that some people feel best when out in nature. Vermont has an active lifestyle, plenty of outdoor places like national and state forests, parks, and campgrounds which all add appeal.

The reasons for moving to Vermont vary from retirement, health, family, lifestyle, and jobs. Nearly 68% of the moves to and from Vermont back in 2017 were incoming. This percentage has only increased over the past 4 years.

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How Much Does it Cost to Move from California to Vermont?

To estimate how much it typically costs to move from California to Vermont, we have compiled the below table. We input our information as if we were to move from Los Angeles, California, to Morrisville, Vermont. Our findings suggest costs for each of the following:

Home Size Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental
Studio/1 Bedroom $1,780-$3,150 $2,937-$3,710 $2,090-$2,640 $2,130-$2,690
2-3 Bedrooms $3,893-$7,230 $3,8110-$5,7956 $3,325-$5,400 $2,308-$3,337
4+ Bedrooms $5,550-$9,350 $5,268-$6,654 $4,940-$6,240 $2,917-$3,685

*Pricing above does not include gas, tolls, lodging, and other related moving expenses.

What are the best California to Vermont movers?

Company Price Vendor Type Quoting options Storage Minimum Move Size
Proud American Van Lines $$ Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
Safeway Moving $$ Carrier/Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
JK Moving Services $$$$ Carrier Phone/virtual estimate Yes 2 bedroom

Why do moving costs vary so much?

For those looking to move, the standard procedure recommended is to get at least three estimates. Many people feel as if this research is a failsafe way for finding the best moving deals. However, the more you research, the more questions you may start to have about moving. You will notice that the estimations are hundreds or even thousands of dollars apart.

A piece of information like this may pressure you to select the cheapest option. We highly recommend avoiding the temptation to grab the first lowest costs you see because this can lead to some big problems down the road. Hire a reputable mover, and be sure to get free quotes using our moving cost calculator. Differences in weights, miles and hours are a huge contribution to the discrepancy of cost estimates.

Inbound vs Outbound

You also want to consider inbound and outbound moves of a particular state, during which time of year you are looking to move, and any peak times as well. For instance, if you find that more people are moving to or from Vermont, this equates to higher inbound, resulting in a cheaper outbound.

The same applies to California. The more people who move into the state, the cheaper the outbound will be for you. We would also like to bring up a point in regards to peak moving season. If you plan on moving over a holiday weekend, you will find costs higher than usual.

Time of Year

The peak moving season is in the summer across the board. Holiday weekends are also really busy. See if either of the two places in question have any holidays or particularities (weather) that might affect the peak moving season.

For comparison purposes, using our moving cost calculator, we saw that prices are much higher if you were to move on or around July 4th. Let’s say you plan to move on Saturday, July 3rd. Prices will be about 2 to 3 times higher, since it is peak moving season, in the summer, on the weekend, and the day before a holiday.

From an advice standpoint, plan to move to Vermont between May and October but stay away from holiday weekends. You want to avoid the messy spring thaw but stay ahead of the winter weather, which is notorious for creating dangerous driving, lifting, and carrying environments.

Why are people moving from California to Vermont?

When you look at reports that indicate why people are moving out of California, you see motives like high cost of living, rising state taxes, political problems, unemployment, housing issues, insecurity, the convenience of working from home, and social and economic challenges.

We are all aware that the cost of living in California is expensive. Cost demanding moving candidates start from people with financial issues to those on a constant income like retirees and those who work remotely.


The marginal tax income rate is around 13%-14%. There have even been talks about increasing it to just under 20%. Sales tax is already more than 7%, and there is a $0.50 gas tax.

You will find that most residents of California are in support of the policies of the state. Nevertheless, many conservatives and even reasonable voters feel that California is moving too far to the left.


Then you have those who are cost-conscious. Job opportunity and wage level are important factors for others who know that affordable states usually have lesser incomes. The best way to calculate opportunities look at the annual average wages.

Real Estate

Real estate websites like Zillow show that the average cost of a home in California is approximately $600,000. The median rent is at $2,800 over the national average of $1,600. No offense, but if you are not wealthy or ready to live with friends or family, you truly cannot afford residency in the state.

With the ongoing pandemic, many people feel that is to blame for the increase in violent crime. Others believe that California cutting police budgets as rioters run everything is the problem. Whatever the case may be, people are leaving California looking for more security, stability, and cheaper housing in other states.


With remote working becoming more common, people don’t necessarily have to live in California to work for California based company. Those individuals are seeking cheaper housing options in other states while working remotely from home.

Social and Economic challenges in California include an excess of homeless people. No other state compares. The influx of homeless encampments in suburban locations is a turn-off that resonates with many residents who feel as if the state government is not doing its best in solving the issue.

Our research concluded that Vermont was the number one state to move to for the past couple of years, beginning in 2018. The moving and relocating company, United Vans Lines, states the top reason for migration is professional opportunities. A career change is an important influencer when it boils down to whether or not people decide to move.

UVL also mentioned that Vermont stands out because of its pride and commitment to employees and the community. Vermont is well known for progressive maternity and paternity leave policies and donations for charitable causes. Another factor is environmental sustainability.


The second highest reason for relocating to Vermont was for retirement. On the other hand, many people say moving to Vermont is for family purposes and being closer. Lifestyle and health is another driving force for inbound moving to Vermont.

What is surprising to see is that Vermont does not offer a lower cost of living. The state ranks as one of the topmost tax burdens in the country. Taxes are higher than the notoriously pricey California, Connecticut, and even New Jersey.

The upsides to Vermont taxes, though, which people find enticing, is that the state spends tax dollars on public goods like libraries and parks. This results in greater levels of happiness overall.

What are some of the best places to move to in Vermont?

Vermont is pretty much the best. It is the second-best state for families and one of the top safest states in the country. You are free to take advantage of summer nights on the Winooski side of Lake Champlain, enjoy a walk through the natural landscape in Montpelier or just hang with some good people of Vermont. We found the top best places to live in Vermont as:

  • Woodstock
  • South Burlington
  • Montpelier
  • Vergennes
  • Essex Junction
  • Jericho
  • Winooski
  • Burlington
  • Lyndonville
  • St. Albans

Each of these areas has benefits unique to its geography, climate, and culture. If you are looking to make a move from California to Vermont, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you utilize for additional information and for the best interstate moving companies if planning a move from California to Vermont.

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