Moving from Chicago to Seattle: Movers and Cost

How much will it cost to move from Chicago to Seattle?

Quick Answer: The average cost to move from Chicago to Seattle is $2,800-$4,400 depending on the size, route, and timing of the move. Hiring a Chicago to Seattle moving company will be on the more expensive side. Renting a truck or using a moving container will save you money but also require a lot more work.

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How Much Does it Cost to Move from Chicago to Seattle?

Moving Company Moving Container Freight Company Truck Rental*
Studio/1 bedroom $1,680 – $3,455 $1,900 – $2,401 $1,710 – $2,520 $1,149 – $1,486
2-3 Bedroom $2,404 – $4,400 $2,491 – $3,797 $2,565 – $3,720 $1,200 – $1,733
4+ Bedroom $4,490 – $8,930 $3,453 – $4,894 $3,420 – $4,920 $1,501 – $2,083

*Pricing above does not include lodging, gas, tolls, and other moving-related expenses.

For a local move, consider the best Chicago movers.

What are the best Chicago to Seattle movers?

Company Price Vendor Type Quoting options Storage Minimum Move Size
Proud American Van Lines $$ Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
Safeway Moving $$ Carrier/Broker Phone/virtual estimate Yes, free 30 days 1 bedroom
JK Moving Services $$$$ Carrier Phone/virtual estimate Yes 2 bedroom

Why Do The Moving Costs Vary So Much?

The cost of moving varies based on the dates you choose, the location you are starting from, your end destination, and several other factors. Knowing when rates tend to be higher will help you decide when you want to move, how much you should budget, and how far in advance you should schedule your move.

Inbound vs. Outbound Demand

One of the fluctuating factors that affect the cost of moving is the inbound and outbound demand. If many people are moving to your current town and people are frequently moving out of your destination, it will be less expensive.
Many people are moving out of the Chicago area. So, the cost of hiring movers is higher. That means the prices are more costly.

Likewise, the outbound demand affects your moving cost. If the outbound demand is high, the price will be lower. The outbound demand is moderate in Seattle.

Relocating out to the big city of the Midwest?

Moving from Seattle to Chicagoland means taking the less popular route. Since more people are moving out of Chicago and into Seattle, your move will allow moving companies to get their trucks back into Chicago with a move. Since this is in their best interest, your moving service from Seattle to Chicago will be on the low end of the range on the table above!

See for yourself! Help your move be more stress-free by getting a customized and free quote now!

Off vs. Peak Season Moving Expenses

If you want to avoid premium moving costs, you will have to avoid peak seasons. More people move when children are out of school. So, peak seasons throughout the year include school breaks, summer, holidays, and weekends.

Depending on the area you are moving to and your moving company’s route, there may be other periods when rates spike. For example, if you move during winter, your movers may have to deal with icy roads. During hazardous conditions, costs are more.

Mileage and Gas Prices

Current gas prices and the distance you are moving also impact the rates. When gas is more per gallon, the moving company passes that cost on to you. When you are moving across the country, most rental companies do not charge you mileage again. However, the farther you are moving, the more your rental will cost.

Additional Factors

In addition to the fluctuating factors that affect rental and moving rates, some other things can make your move more costly. Planning and knowing how to avoid some of these extras can help you stay on budget. However, it will require more effort and organization on your part.


When you pack, you need supplies. If you gather the supplies ahead of time, you can save some money. Buying them from your moving company is more costly. Here are some of the materials you may need:

  • Packing materials
  • Tie downs
  • Moving blankets
  • Mattress covers
  • Mattress covers
  • Property protection insurance
  • Boxes
  • A storage unit
  • Dolly
  • Tool rentals

Hiring Professional Movers

Full-service movers will help you pack, unpack, load heavy items into your moving van, and transport your vehicle. Professional movers come at a price, though. There are times when you may need movers to help you move something heavy. However, if you want to save money, doing as much as you can is the way to go.

If you have trouble deciding whether to move or to have movers do it for you, you should know that professionals can do the job quickly and efficiently. They know what to do to get your belongings from Chicago to Seattle safely.

Travel Expenses

In addition to moving your possessions, you have to figure out how to get from Chicago to Seattle. Depending on when you leave, travel might be more costly. Furthermore, the car drive from Chicago to Seattle is around 30 hours and more than 2,000 miles.

So, you need to fill your car several times, and you will need to stop at least once on your way to sleep. On average, travelers spend around $100 per night for a room. If gas costs $2.75 per gallon, your trip will cost about $225.28 in a fuel-efficient small vehicle. Airfare is around $300 per person.

So, your transportation to your new home is a significant consideration. You can save money by booking your trip in advance and traveling during the off-season.

Transporting Your Vehicle

When you choose to fly, you have to transport your vehicle. Transporting your vehicle to Seattle will be expensive. It is a long-distance, and transports are costly anyway. So, if you have to transport your car, you will likely want to bundle your transport and move.

Some companies handle both. When you book both services through the same provider, you may be able to negotiate a better rate for both.

Paying for Peace of Mind

In most states, movers must provide some liability insurance. However, most states only require moving companies to give you around 60 cents per pound for lost or damaged items. That will not come close to replacing expensive electronics that are hundreds of dollars per pound.

You can add protection for your valuables, though. A personal property protection plan covers your belonging in the event of a move related loss. These plans are around one percent of the value of the items you are insuring. So, if you have $50,000 worth of valuables, the coverage will cost you around $500.

Why are people moving from Chicago to Seattle?

There is no doubt that Chicago is a phenomenal city. The city has gotten really, though. Crime rates are on the rise, and the cost of living is high. So, it is clear why someone would want to move, but why are they choosing Seattle? Keep reading to find out.


Seattle is a culturally diverse city. There are many places to eat in town, including. There is also a large population of vegans. So, many of the restaurants center around that theme. You have professionals, students, and families from all over the world, making Seattle feel welcoming to newcomers.


Seattle has a bad reputation for being a gloomy or rainy city. However, the weather is a lot better than most people realize. The skies tend to be overcast, but in terms of inches of rain each year, the city sees around 38 inches of rain, which is average in the United States. Plus, the rain that Seattle gets makes it a greener place to live.

While there are more cloudy days, the sunny days are beautiful, and the vegetation is lush. Everywhere around you, you will see beautiful landscaping, green lawns, and breathtaking views.

In Summer, spring, and fall, you will enjoy the best weather with milder temperatures. Even in June, the average high is only 66 degrees, and the average lows are in the upper-50s. So, when the skies are clear, you can enjoy all that Seattle has to offer.

Amenities and Attractions

Seattle is a major city with a population of nearly 745,000 residents. So, the metropolis has plenty to do. There are world-class museums, including the Pop Art Museum, Seattle Aquarium, Olympic Sculpture Park, and Chihuly’s Glass and Garden Museum.

That is not all; there are parks, gardens, observatories, and more. Here are some of the fascinating attractions in town:

  • The Space Needle
  • The Gum Wall
  • Gas Works Park
  • The Seattle Great Wheel
  • Skyview Observatory

One of the most exciting attractions is the Beneath the Streets tour. It takes you through the entombed city under Seattle that dates back to the early 1800s. The Great Fire of 1889 burned a lot of the city, so residents rebuilt on top of the previous town. The result is a time capsule that gives you a view of early life in Seattle.

Job Opportunities

Many people who move to Seattle do so to take jobs. The primary job industries in the area are architecture, engineering, social sciences, medicine, business management, finance, computer science, and mathematics. Workers in Seattle enjoy higher wages, as well.

Environmentally-Friendly Living

Seattle is an environmentally conscious city. Builders receive benefits for building green homes and offices. The city also adopted new building codes in 2018 that go into effect in 2021, which require developers to use sustainable products that are safe for the public.

What Are Some of the Best Places to Move to in Seattle?

Seattle has so many great places to live. Nearly everywhere you look, there are beautiful sites to see. So, no matter where you move, you will be able to enjoy nature in Seattle. However, your personality, lifestyle, and budget will impact your decision on where to move.

Here is an overview of some of the best places to live in town, along with information on the amenities, housing types available, lease prices, and more.


Young adults and people who enjoy socializing at night with friends at trendy waterfront bars enjoy life in Ballard. The prices are slightly higher in this neighborhood just north of Downtown Seattle, at around $2,000 a month for a one-bedroom or a small two-bedroom.

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is another convenient location. It is where you find attractions like Pioneer Square (the birthplace of Seattle), Pikes Peak Market, Showbox, Seattle Art Museum, and many others. Housing in the area is mostly mid, and high-rises, and the average condo is about $2,500 a month.

Most downtown residents do not own a vehicle because parking is expensive, and there are not many parking options. However, nearly everything you need is within walking distance, or you can take public transportation.

West Seattle

Do you enjoy a quieter lifestyle? If so, West Seattle is an excellent place to buy a home. It is close to theaters, museums, gardens, and shopping in Downtown without traffic. West Seattle provides a calm environment with farmer’s markets, local coffee shops, and other eclectic businesses.

You can find one-bedrooms starting at around $1,300 a month. The affordable rentals and beach access in West Seattle make it ideal for singles, young families, and retirees. If you prefer to own your home, you will find single-family homes there too.


Sammamish is not actually in Seattle; it is a suburb. However, if you want to live outside the city but have a short commute to work in town, Sammamish is a beautiful place to settle in. It is less than 20 minutes from the city.
Condos, apartments, and single-family homes are all available in Sammamish, and the prices start in the mid-$300s. Whether you want to build your dream home or live in a historic property, you have the option in the attractive Seattle suburb.

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