The Ultimate Moving Hacks and Tips

There is no better way to get through moving than embracing it in its totality.

For this, you’re going to want to know all of the moving hacks available.

Fortunately, we have compiled the most updated list of moving hacks and tips to make you a true moving ninja.

Let’s get into it.

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Before You Think About Packing

Start your packing as early as you can! In fact, start your entire moving process now.

Well… After reading these essential pre-packing tips.

Use What You Have

If you’ve been wondering what to use instead of cardboard boxes, start with what you have. Some popular household items that double as moving boxes include:

  • Plastic containers
  • Baskets
  • Hampers
  • Suitcases
  • Briefcases. Set these items aside and load them up with as many belongings as they can handle. You’ll see that you won’t need to purchase as many boxes with this moving hack.

Alternatively, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get free moving boxes.

Stock up on Packing Supplies

Most of the packing tips you’ll find online also encourage you to stock up on supplies before you get started. Go ahead and buy box cutters, duct tape, packing tape, labels, trash bags, and boxes before the mayhem of moving house settles in.

Cool thing to try: Use colored tape to differentiate which boxes are for which rooms. These are the types of things that will make you feel like you are killing it with the move.

Plan out Groceries

If you’re staying in town, you can easily move any leftover groceries to your new home.

However, moving across the country is another story. In the event of a long-distance move, make your last grocery shopping trip about two weeks before your move date.

If you plan out your meals, you can use most, if not all, of your food before you leave.

Do this also for household items such as toilet paper rolls, paper towels, and hand soap. The less you have to bring with you/throw away, the better.

For those foods you couldn’t get to, check out Move For Hunger. Move For Hunger is an organization that takes on the food waste problem and the hunger problem in the country.

Book Your Moving Company

We couldn’t leave this one out of the list because of how important it is.

If you book your moving company early, you can avoid higher prices and ensure they’re available on your moving day.

This includes hiring your moving company and painters to touch up the walls and baseboards, as well as renting equipment for the move. This will ultimately save you stress in the long run and make the whole process a bit easier.

The best thing you can do to avoid a stressful move is to book a great moving company

Only Keep the Necessities

Many moving tips and hacks begin with decluttering your home.

If there are fewer items to pack, you have more time for other important tasks in the midst of the move.

Start with one room at a time. Go through your belongings, and decide what you can sell and what you can donate.

You’ll probably find a fair amount of items you can toss in the garbage too. Here are popular websites where you can sell items too valuable to donate:

Pull Aside Valuables

It’s also a good idea to pull aside all your valuables that you don’t want to pack. These will go with you in your vehicle, in the truck cab, or on the plane.

Belongings to take with you include legal documents, family heirlooms, and other precious items you hold close.

With everything going on with the move, who wouldn’t want this peace of mind?

Packing Tips and Tricks

Once you have all your supplies and know which items to pack, you can get into the real packing tips and tricks.

You’ll learn how to pack clothes, how to pack the kitchen, and where to start if you’re lost and stressed.

Keep Your Focus Narrow

If you’re already feeling the stress of moving day, go ahead and take a deep breath.

Now, let it out.

Everything is going to be fine.

One of the first items to remember in a moving house plan of action is to keep your focus narrow. Don’t think about everything that you need to do, but focus on one room at a time. This way, you can celebrate every time you finish a room and proceed to the next one.

This focus will also prevent you from mixing items from different rooms together, which then makes unpacking in your new home cumbersome.

Bonus tip Color code each room and keep a legend on you. This will certainly pay off when it comes to unpacking.

Pay Attention to Box Weight

Other important tips for movers include paying attention to the weight of your boxes. If you make them too heavy, they become difficult to move and are susceptible to breaking. If you don’t fill them completely, fragile items can bounce around and break.

Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid both problems. One way is to fill small boxes with heavy items like books and fill large boxes with light items like bedding and towels.

Another way is to fill the bottom half of the box with heavy items and the top half with light ones. This distributes the weight across all of your boxes and prevents them from becoming heavy quickly.

Use Your Supplies Effectively

While it’s important to stock up on supplies, it’s also crucial to use them effectively. To prevent boxes from busting open, use two pieces of tape to secure the bottom and two pieces for the top. Then, use two more pieces to wrap completely around the top and bottom of the box. The plastic wrap will also do if you’re conserving tape.

When labeling boxes, be sure you write what’s in the box and which room it goes to. This will help the moving company or your friends know where to place each box.

Keep Small Items Together

The last items you want to forget are small pieces to shelving, mounted televisions, and other objects. The best way to keep them together is to put them in a labeled, sealable plastic bag.

Then, pack them away in a safe place so you don’t lose them.

Prepare Your Electronics

Some electronics are a pain to pack and unpack, but there are moving hacks that apply to this part of the process too. All you have to do is take a picture of where all the cords plug into the device (a television is a great example).

This will make the setup much easier as you figure out which cords go to which device. Also, electronics like televisions should go back into the original box when you move them.

Pad it with whatever paper, bubble wrap, or blankets you can. Keep them upright and don’t lay it down on its face.

Don’t Stack the Dishes

If you’ve packed up your kitchen before, you know how much packing paper you need to ensure nothing breaks. It’s also important to know how to pack plates to prevent this tragedy. Be sure to individually wrap breakables.

Plates can easily stack, but don’t place them on top of one another in the box. Instead, place them sideways like records to prevent additional weight on them.

You should also wrap sections of plates and bowls with another piece of packing paper for additional cushion.

Pack Clothes with Minimal Effort

If you need packing tips for moving in a hurry, there’s an easy way to pack your closet quickly.

While everything is still on its hanger, place the clothes in a garbage bag and tie it at the hook of the hanger. You can also place your clothes in a large vacuum-seal bag to save space.

Both of these methods make your clothes easy to stack, and they’ll stay clean during the move.

Take an Overnight Bag

Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, you and your family members should pack an overnight bag.

While moving hacks and tips will minimize the stress of moving, you’ll most likely still be exhausted once it’s all over. Having an overnight bag will give you all the essentials you need at the end of the day, like a change of clothes and toiletries.

Don’t spend your first night in your new house digging through box after box to find the one item you need. You’ll be grateful you had an overnight bag ready.

What to Do If You’re Moving Apartments

Most of the packing tips for moving apply to most cases, but there’s even more to do if you’re moving from rental to rental.

Make sure you fill in any holes in the wall. You can use commercial products like spackling paste or items you have at home like toothpaste or a bar of soap.

Before you leave your old apartment, take pictures of the place so you have proof that it’s clean. In your new apartment, take pictures before you move in. This will note any existing damage. With pictures, you’ll have a proof for any questions your landlord has and ensure you get your deposit back.

Forego the Heavy Lifting with the Top Packing Tips

The thought of moving can add unnecessary stress to your daily activities if you’re not ready for it.

However, the top moving hacks and tips will help you approach that day with confidence and determination. Do you have any moving tips that we missed? Please share them in our comments section so others can gain additional knowledge.

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