Reasons to Move to Miami

Glamorous, lively, and filled with endless sunshine, Miami is a frequent destination for many. It’s more than just a vacation spot, however. It’s also a great place to set up new roots.

The most popular states for inbound moves today include Texas, Idaho, and Georgia. Florida is unique in that it’s a little less expensive than California, but still not the most affordable place around. Despite that, this major city still sees a lot of first-time residents setting up roots. What are some of the benefits of moving into the Sunshine State?

We’re going to break down the top reasons to move to Miami. We’ll include a variety of useful information, such as cost-of-living and the job market, so you can make an informed decision.

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Is Miami a Good Place to Move to?

This question often trips up a lot of first-time movers to Miami, precisely because this city is a dynamic one. It’s often in the center of the mainstream consciousness as a trendy, expensive place to live…for better and for worse.

According to recent statistics, Florida is in the top five states to move to for Americans in 2021. Common reasons cited for this include the rise in remote work, the desire to live closer to family, and the growing need to retire. The Sunshine State is particularly appealing when you have more of a budget to navigate its thriving nightlife and endless beaches.

Whether or not Miami will suit you as a destination depends on your career, lifestyle, and personal tastes. This city could be the best thing to ever happen to you if you roll your dice right.

What are the Seven Reasons for Living in Miami?

A tropical climate, a focus on foodies, and a bustling downtown area. You’ve already got a lot to work with on this potential destination.

Why would people want to move to Miami? Let’s take a look at the pros below because there are quite a few.

The Pros of Moving to Miami, Florida

Dynamic, Exciting Nightlife and Local Culture

The first thoughts that come to mind when you hear the name ‘Miami’ are likely parties, bars, and glittering sands. You’re not exactly wrong: these features are why Florida remains such a popular state for many.

You name it, Miami has it. If you’re a fan of art and science, you’ll adore the plethora of local art galleries, theaters, and museums. The Pérez Art Museum and the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science are beloved tourist destinations for thousands of visitors every year. You’ve also got more bars, restaurants, and clubs than you can shake a stick at.

Whether you like to party or enrich your mind, Miami will never leave you high and dry.

This City is a Food Lover’s Paradise

Are you a passionate cook? Do you run a food blog or just love going out to restaurants? Miami is legendary for being a food lover’s paradise, with plenty of statistics to back this claim up.

Florida is home to over 40,000 restaurants, regularly in the top five most popular states for food and beverage workers. That doesn’t mean you need to worry about a quantity over quality approach, either. Florida is a culturally diverse state that crafts a blend of different cuisines at your fingertips. Colombian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, and Southern American dishes are easily found and among the best in the world.

There’s No Need to Worry About Taxes

Do you live in a state that constantly drains your bank with taxes? Consider moving to Florida where there are no state income taxes, a huge benefit to people from all walks of life.

Retirees love how Florida makes their retirement fund stretch a lot longer. Students and small business owners appreciate the larger paychecks that allow them to develop their careers. While property taxes are still an element to consider for homeowners, there are enough choices you’ll no doubt find a compatible fit.

Bright, Sunny Weather and Plenty of Beaches to Go Around

Florida has long since earned its title as the Sunshine State, boasting brilliantly sunny weather. Due to its massive coastline, you also have immediate access to gorgeous beaches year-round.

Among the reasons to move to Miami, the reliably warm and agreeable climate is high up on many people’s lists. If you’re from a similarly hot climate such as California or New Mexico, you’ll feel right at home in Miami, Florida.

Visit the stunning Lummus Park Beach, a location you’ve likely glimpsed in mainstream movies or music videos. If you need a quieter location to go on long walks, consider Surfside.

Public Transportation is Reliable and Modern

If you like to shake up your transportation methods to save on costs, you’re in luck. Florida has a reliable, modern metro system that’s up there with the best America has to offer.

The Metrobus system is a thousand buses strong, operating throughout the southern half of Florida. There’s also the Metrorail and the Metromover systems for tourists and downtown travelers, respectively.

The City is a Cultural Melting Pot

It’s no mystery where all the incredible food and music come from! Miami is the go-to spot for people who want a variety of ethnicities, races, cultures, religions, and perspectives on life.

A few of the ethnically diverse neighborhoods you can visit are Little Haiti, Miami Beach, and Little Havana. Spanish is regularly spoken in this country due to the large Hispanic population, though you’ll occasionally run into French Creole, and French.

Fitness Gurus Will Adore Miami

Movers passionate about fitness are going to adore Miami. Many people who move to Florida are well-aware of how easy it is to exercise with so many parks, beaches, and gyms at a stone’s throw.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you might struggle to get the appropriate amount of vitamin D. The Sunshine State is the gift that keeps on giving: you’ll never be lacking for a healthy volume of UV rays. To top things off, you’ll have an easy time locating smoothie shops and group fitness classes.

The Cons of Moving to Miami, Florida

Are you feeling the urge to pack your bags and become a first-time Miami resident? Not so fast! There are several downsides you should be aware of, some of which could be dealbreakers.

High Cost of Living is a Huge Turn-Off

Let’s not beat around the bush here…Florida is still an expensive place to live. Miami is no different. The high cost of living is what keeps the Sunshine State from the number one destination spot.

The average rent in Florida ranges between $1,400 to $2,500 on average. While you can occasionally find options as low as $600 a month, they’re rare and usually located in very small towns. When you factor in groceries, business expenses, transportation costs, raising a family, and student loans, Miami becomes expensive in a heartbeat.

The High Crime Rate Makes it a Lesser Choice for Families

While violent crime rates have gone down in recent years, Florida still faces a high volume of property crime. This stat isn’t exactly appealing for those considering establishing homeownership or a startup in the state.

You’ll have a one out of fifty-six chance of becoming a victim of property crime in the state of Florida. Compare this to a state like Idaho, where you have a one out of the ninety-one chance of the same issue.

Owning a Home is Still Expensive

If you’re a homeowner considering raising a family or retiring in Miami in a shiny new home, you may need to reconsider. The housing market is more competitive than ever and Florida is prime real estate.

Your average home mortgage will hover around $400,000 in and around major cities. Getting lower than that will take a lot of luck and patience you might not have at your disposal, even if you’re looking in Coral Gables or Fort Lauderdale. As such, you may be better off considering a luxury apartment or condo instead of a home.

Florida is Still a Pretty Car-Dependent State

While Florida’s downtown public transportation is varied and speedy, it’s far from a well-rounded benefit. The state is still pretty car-dependent due to how to spread out everything is.

Once you leave the downtown Miami area, you’ll be hard-pressed to get anywhere without steady access to a vehicle. If you don’t have a driver’s license or need to save money on gas, Miami might not be the best choice for a new life.

What are Good Neighborhoods to Move to in Miami?

Thinking Miami might be your next great destination? The neighborhoods you should choose need to complement your lifestyle, budget, and career aspirations.

The last thing you want to do is move somewhere that ends up getting in the way.

Wynwood is an Artist’s Paradise

To be an artist is to constantly seek out enrichment, connection, and inspiration. Wynwood is an artist’s paradise that will give you a front-row seat to the best art Miami has to offer.

Visit one of their antique shops and purchase some eclectic knick-knacks for your kitchen. Bounce from gallery to gallery enjoying brilliant paintings, murals, and sculptures. If you’re hungry, check out the bakeries, food trucks, and artisanal cafes.

Little Havana is a Culturally Rich and Convenient Location

Do you want a location that’s conveniently situated without losing any of the excitement? Any Miami resident will automatically recommend Little Havana for your new move.

Little Havana is a slice of Cuba right at your doorstep, with all the delicious food and fantastic music that the title implies. You’ll have all the theaters, concerts, and cafes you could ever hope for…all within walking distance. Sweet!

Edgewater is Classy and Stylish

If you’ve got your eyes set on a luxury apartment with a great view, Edgewater is the place to go. This rapidly developing neighborhood is a hot spot for new residents, tourists, and business owners.

Edgewater is classy, stylish, and incredibly walkable. Just about everything you could want in a location is in your backyard, from the beaches to varied businesses. While this isn’t the most affordable neighborhood to live in, it might just be worth it for the convenience.

Coconut Grove is a Gorgeous, Peaceful Little Slice of Miami

Are you worried about crime rates or the cost of transportation? While Florida has a higher-than-average crime rate, Coconut Grove is considered one of the safer neighborhoods.

This neighborhood is characterized by shaded sidewalks, beautiful museums, and carefully tended gardens. It’s a nice spot for families with children, as well as students who don’t want too much noise while studying.

Brickell is a Prime Spot for Businessowners

Whether you’re a small business owner or are managing a medium-sized firm, financial districts are a great place to set up shop. Brickell is the prime spot for business owners who need to stay on top of networking.

That doesn’t mean this neighborhood isn’t a trendy place to live. You’ll still get plenty of access to delicious restaurants, rooftop bars, and a slew of local small businesses.


There are several great reasons to move to Miami. There are also a few major deal breakers you should consider before booking a moving service.

Miami has brilliantly sunny weather, regular access to beaches, a great food scene, dynamic nightlife, and no income taxes. It also has a higher-than-average crime rate, a high cost of living, and practically requires a car if you don’t live downtown. Weigh your options carefully before moving so you can enjoy as many benefits as possible. If you’re moving from a very different state, compare it to your new destination note-for-note so you’re not overlooking vital details.

If you’re considering Miami for your next moving venture, start budgeting your move as soon as possible.

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