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  • MovingPlace offers “self-serve” moving of household goods and also moves automobiles.
  • Overall customer satisfaction seems good, as most of the problems seemed to be minor.
  • They are focused exclusively on long-distance moves, with no local services offered.
  • Storage services are available but are limited to a maximum period of three months.
  • Compare MovingPlace to the other freight and container companies on our list of the best moving container companies. 

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MovingPlace: Moving Services Available:

MovingPlace is a “self-service” moving option based in Lutz, Florida

  • “You Load, We Drive” service: This is the primary service offering where the customer loads the trailer and later unloads it upon arrival at the destination. You load and they drive everything to your new home.
  • Truck Drop-off: Typically, they drop-off the truck for loading and picked up the following day. Those who wish to load immediately (“live load”) have one-hour to do so at no charge or pay $150 per hour for the driver to remain on-site. The rental truck, fuel, driver, and transport are all included in the quote. You can have your car transported in the trailer directly with your home goods.
  • Truck and Container Sizes: All trucks are 28’ long, 8’ wide, and 9’ tall (interior); however, they will partition the truck as needed to hold multiple customer loads. A full 53’ trailer option is also available that is equipped with a ramp, moving pads, straps, and dollies.
  • Storage Options: They can provide a temporary storage facility for a maximum period of three months. Local storage is not available.
  • Vehicle transport: Vehicles are either moved within a 53’ (not 28’) transport truck or using a designated automobile transport vehicle.
  • Tradeshow services: A tradeshow specialist offers customized transport services for commercial customers
  • Military moves: Military members are encouraged to call for moving services throughout the U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska excluded)
  • International moves: Those moving internationally are referred to UPakWeShip, a partner trucking company of based in the United Kingdom.
  • Best pricing on freight trailers
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Fast deliveries on long-distance moves
  • Household goods and automobile shipping options
  • Customer may take up to three business days to load and/or unload the moving van or truck
  • They are often available on short notice—such as less than 48 hours
  • Weekend service is available for no additional charge
  • Pricing is very competitive for moves of greater than 250 miles
  • No online quotes
  • No local moving options
  • They don’t currently offer labor for loading or unloading and can’t transport loads using trucks rented by customers
  • Service isn’t currently available to Hawaii or Alaska
  • Passengers aren’t permitted to ride in the transport vehicle
  • They don’t offer local transport services—typically 250+ mile distance
  • Punctuality concerns often arise for those having automobiles transported
  • Sometimes customers aren’t made aware of the potential for limitations associated with navigating a 53’ trailer through residential streets and accessing tight spaces for loading and unloading.
  • Several customers that received quotes accused the company of sharing their information with other moving companies, which resulted in being inundated with phone calls, texts, etc.

The Good: The Majority of Customers are Satisfied

MovingPlace’s customers appear overwhelmingly satisfied in most cases. They keep things fairly simple with two truck sizes, automobile transportation, and limited storage services being the extent of those offered. When complaints are posted online, a representative from the organization generally responds to correct the problem.

The Bad: Automobile Transport Scheduling Concerns

Several customers were frustrated when their car was not picked up according to schedule or arrived late at their new house or other destination. This is no surprise, as the automobile transport business is mostly composed of owner/operators that move the vehicles and brokers that handle the sales process. This commonly results in poor overall outcomes.

Moving Cost and Affordability

Rates vary based on location, time of year, demand, and other factors.  The organization markets itself as an affordable alternative to renting your own truck, particularly for moves longer than 250 miles.

Moving Quote Example: From Cleveland, OH to Atlanta, GA — 20’ of space on a moving truck (8’ Wide x 9’ Tall)= $2,517.00

Other Pricing Estimates

Other Pricing Estimates 1 Bedroom 2 to 3 Bedroom 4 to 5 Bedroom
Local Move N/A N/A N/A
Under 250 miles $1,100 – $1,300 $1,200 – $1,700 $1,400 – $2,100
Cross-Country Moves $1,100 – $2,500 $1,900 – $3,200 $2,900 – $4,700

Although the company is properly insured, they don’t offer customers additional insurance (valuation) coverage options for purchase. This is understandable because all items are loaded, unloaded, and packed by the customer themselves.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

On Google, the company has more than 130 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 of 5. One complaint that several customers made involved getting repeated calls, texts, and emails from other companies after receiving a quote from MovingPlace.

In these cases, the customer did receive a price quote from MovingPlace; however, they chose to go with another company or moving option. This implies that they provide other organizations with their unsuccessful “leads” in some shared marketing arrangement.

A few customers complained that items shifted within the truck during the move and were damaged. It’s possible that the customer carelessly loaded their belongings in the transport vehicle or failed to properly strap things down.

Another problem among Google reviewers was that those who used their automobile transport service had trouble with late arrivals for pickup and delays in their scheduled delivery

On Yelp, they had an overall rating of 3 of 5 stars. A couple of customers had problems resulting from the truck being unable to fit down their narrow street or driveway. This is likely the case for those who booked a 53’ tractor-trailer.  One customer had several items arrive at the destination that was severely damaged.

A MovingPlace representative explained to them that the customer is responsible for loading, properly securing, and unloading the items.

Customer feedback suggests that MovingPlace is often more affordable compared to PODS, Vanlines or a U-Haul and may offer greater flexibility. Although similar to PODS, this is not truly an “apples-to-apples” comparison. For example, the standard MovingPlace truck is 28’, while you would need both a 16’ and a 12’ PODS container to have equivalent space.

MovingPlace has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2018 and maintains a rating of A+. They have had one complaint in the past three years, which was more than two years ago. The lone complaint involved a billing-related discrepancy and that some of the transported items were splashed with an oily substance.

Should You Consider MovingPlace for a Move?

MovingPlace is a viable overall option for those who will handle the loading and unloading of their belongings themselves or hire some local labor.

Customers may take up to three days at the site of loading and at the destination for unloading, which is good considering they use trucks rather than mobile storage unit-type containers.

Those choosing to use the MovingPlace must recognize that the company doesn’t assume responsibility for items damaged during transport that result from poorly loading and insufficiently securing the belongings within the transport vehicle.

They provide exclusively long-distance moving services; therefore, those moving locally should look elsewhere. The truck sizes are either 28’ or 53’ and partial loads are separated from other customer’s loads using moveable wall-type partitioning.

They offer automobile transportation services nationwide; however, the full-service option tends to be less consistent compared to their moving transport services. They offer competitive prices and don’t overcharge on their quotes.

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