How to Ship Your Furniture using U-Pack

For more than two decades U-Pack has been a top player in the household goods moving industry.

In fact, they’ve handled nearly 1.5 million relocations since 1997, and to make the moving process less tedious, confusing, and stressful, they’ve distilled their system down to a few easy steps.

In this post we’ll skip the “fluff” and jump right into the following useful information –

  • Moving and storage options with U-Pack
  • Estimating how much space you’ll need
  • Ways to book your move
  • How much your move will cost

But first, take a minute to get a free “ballpark” quote from our moving cost calculator.

Just enter a few key move details, and the magic algorithms will do the rest.

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U-Pack makes the moving process simple

In most cases, U-Pack only offers moving and storage services if the distance between your old and new homes is greater than 100 miles.

Depending on the size of your home or apartment, you’ll have the option of choosing ReloCube containers or a 28-foot “pup” trailer.

You’ll pay for each container you use, but with a trailer, you’ll only pay for the space your items occupy.

Moving with U-Pack works like this –

After booking your move online or over the phone, their driver will deliver your trailer or container(s) to your home or apartment.

Then, you’ll have three days to load your items.

Next, they’ll transport your trailer or container to your new address and you’ll have three days to unload everything.

And finally, they’ll come pick it up when it’s empty.

It couldn’t be easier, but we always recommend getting quotes from other leading moving container companies as well.

U-Pack is a great option for storage too

Coordinating moving dates with closings and lease signings can be tricky.

If you need storage before moving into your new home, you’ll have the option of storing your items at one of U-Pack’s secure, climate-controlled facilities.

Just remember that –

  • Storage fees are charged monthly and can’t be prorated
  • You won’t be able to keep your trailer or container onsite
  • Storage rates vary by location
  • Local storage isn’t usually available

Estimating how much space you’ll need is a snap

Determining space requirements doesn’t have to be a hassle.

With U-Pack, all you’ll need to get the ball rolling is the square footage of your home or apartment.

Square footage Trailer floor space (in feet) ReloCubes
Less than 600 6 1 or 2
Between 601 and 1,000 7 2 or 3
1,001 to 1,500 13 2 or 3
1,501 to 1,800 17 3 or 4
1,801 to 2,400 23 Between 4 and 6
More than 2,400 35 (more than one trailer) 7 or more

Remember, these are rough numbers based on moderately furnished homes and apartments.

It’s always best to estimate on the high side if you’re not sure how much trailer space you’ll need, or how many ReloCubes it’ll take to complete your move.

Who doesn’t love easy booking?

Getting quotes and reserving your trailer or ReloCube are no-brainers.

Just go to U-Pack’s website and enter –

  • Your origin and destination zip codes
  • How many rooms you need to have moved
  • When you’re planning on moving

Within seconds you’ll get a free quote based on the least expensive option.

For example, if you’re moving a studio apartment the quote will default to using one ReloCube instead of a trailer.

In addition, you can add –

  • Labor for loading and unloading
  • Moving supplies like boxes, tape, and packing paper
  • Optional insurance

You’ll see how much each costs before adding them, and you can always go back and edit your quote later if your situation or budget changes.

Once you’re satisfied with your quote you can usually book your move online.

If you still have unanswered questions, just jot down your reference number and call U-Pack to speak with a representative.

You’ll need to give them your credit card information at booking, but you can change move details up to the day before your scheduled service.

U-Pack offers two convenient equipment options

Unlike their competitors, U-Pack offers containers and trailers to accommodate moves of all sizes.

ReloCubes – good for small moves

ReloCubes are weatherproof metal containers that are safe and affordable for long-distance moving.


Measuring 6’ x 7’ x 8’, each unit has about 308 cubic feet of usable interior space, which is usually enough for the contents (furniture and boxes) of one room.


Since ReloCubes sit directly on the ground, loading and unloading are safe and easy since you won’t need to use walk boards (ramps) like you will with a trailer.

Trailers – best for large apartments and single-family homes

The inside of U-Pack moving trailers are 27 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9 feet high.

Interior capacity is a whopping 1940 cubic feet, or about 6.3 times larger than a single ReloCube.

Trailers can typically hold the contents of a 2 or 3-bedroom home, but if you have an attic, basement and garage you may need more space.

U-Pack trailers have weight limits of 22,500 pounds, but most household goods shipments packed from front to back and floor to ceiling inside a 28-foot trailer won’t weigh more than 12,000 pounds.

Since their floors are 48 inches off the ground, trailers come with 14-foot ramps to make loading and unloading easier.

Just keep in mind that ramps weigh approximately 150 pounds, so you’ll need a helper to get them into position.

After loading you’ll install a secure divider (included at no extra charge) called a bulkhead.

To maximize efficiency and keep costs low, U-Pack fills unused space with commercial freight or other household goods shipments, so keeping your items separate is important.

Bulkheads stay in place until you remove them at your new home or apartment, just be sure to load the ramp in the back of the trailer.

U-Pack cancellation policy

There aren’t any additional fees for cancellations made at least seven days before your scheduled service date.

However, if you cancel within seven days there’s a $50 fee, and canceling within 24 hours of your scheduled drop-off date will result in a $150 charge.

U-Pack pricing at a glance

Your move cost with U-Pack will depend on –

  • Whether you use a trailer or Relocube(s)
  • The distance between your old and new homes
  • What time of the year you’re moving
  • If you need storage and additional items like insurance, labor or packing materials

The following table will give you a general idea of moving costs.

1 bedroom 2 or 3 bedrooms 4 or 5 bedrooms
Local move n/a n/a n /a
Less than 500 miles $1,390 $1,720 $2,300+
More than 500 miles $2,260 $3,250 $5,100+

Again, these are rough numbers, so be sure to get a free quote based on your specific move details.

Is U-Pack right for you?

With multiple variables and service options to consider, it’s always wise to do a cost-benefit analysis before settling on one particular company.

The pros –

  • Usually more affordable than full-service movers
  • Moving and storage services are available
  • Transparent pricing means no hidden fees
  • Easy-to-use website and instant quotes
  • Quick delivery times
  • Online tracker allows you to monitor your shipment while in-transit
  • You can easily add items like labor and packing material
  • Choose from containers or trailer
  • Customers only pay for the space they use
  • You don’t have to drive a moving truck
  • Your items stay where you load them

The cons-

  • No moves less than 100 miles (in most cases)
  • Spring suspensions (not air ride) can damage fragile household items
  • Last-minute cancellation fees apply
  • No on-site storage is available
  • Trailers are high which means you’ll need to use ramps for loading and unloading
  • Due to their size parking can be an issue with moving trailers

The verdict

These days getting the most bang for your buck is all about having convenient and affordable options.

In short, U-Pack is head and shoulders above much of the competition.

However if full-service movers are a better fit, be sure to familiarize yourself with common moving scams and insist on working with the best interstate moving companies.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to ship furniture using U-Pack?

Standard delivery is usually between 2 and 5 days, but transit times on cross-country moves may be longer.

How much does it cost to ship furniture using U-Pack?

Prices can be less than $500 for short distance container moves, while long-distance trailer moves often cost well over $5,000.

Can you ship individual items with U-Pack?

Yes, you can ship individual items in ReloCubes.

How does U-Pack compare to other furniture shippers?

U-Pack is generally less expensive and offers more options than full-service movers.

Is it safe to ship furniture using U-Pack?

Yes, U-Pack ReloCubes and 28-foot trailers are safe options for transporting household goods.

Who should use U-Pack for shipping furniture?

If you’re moving more than 100 miles and would rather leave the driving to professionals, U-Pack may be the way to go.

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