How Much Does it Cost to Move to Connecticut?

Connecticut. The land of natural beauty, bountiful recreational opportunities, diverse lifestyle options, and great outdoor environment . It’s very easy to see why you’d want to move there.

Surely if you’re looking to move to Connecticut, you know all of this but… How much does it cost to move to Connecticut?

Quick Answer: The cost of hiring movers in Connecticut is $133.69 per hour, but that can differ based on the company and service.

Of course, it’s crucial to get a personalized quote for your move. For that, take a look at our moving cost calculator.

The Average Cost of Living in Connecticut

  • The cost index in Connecticut is 100. This means it's similar to the national average.
  • The average rent in Connecticut for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,180 which is 11.01% lower than the national average.
  • The average home value in Connecticut is $340,415 which is about 4.38% less expensive than the national average.
  • The average income in Connecticut is $79,855 which is about 22.87% higher than the national average.

The Average Cost to Move to Connecticut?

The following prices are what you might expect to pay a professional moving company to move your items to Connecticut.

Home Size Avg. Total Cost Cost/hour # of Movers # Hours
Studio $492 $187 2 movers 3 hours
1 Bedroom $679 $187 2 movers 4 hours
2 Bedroom $1,091 $262 3 movers 5 hours
3 Bedroom $2,505 $367 4 movers 8 hours
4 Bedroom $2,872 $367 4 movers 9 hours
5+ Bedroom $4,412 $513 5 movers 10 hours

How Much do Movers Cost?

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Get instant ballpark pricing.
It's fast, easy, and free.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Move to Connecticut

Before we get into the actual figures, it’s important that we touch on the main contributing factors that are going to affect the cost of your move to Connecticut.

  • Size of your move: The more things you move, the more the move is going to cost. You’ll want to make sure that you’re only bringing with you those things that you truly want to have in Connecticut.
  • Distance of the move: How far you are moving is another thing that is going to affect the cost of the relocation to the Constitution State. Are you moving from across the country? Or moving a few hundred miles? The further the move, the higher the cost.
  • Type of move: You have four main options for your move to Connecticut. A full-service moving company, renting a moving truck, getting a moving container, and hiring a freight trailer. We will break these down further in the article.
  • Add-on services: Generally speaking, the more you do yourself the less the move to Connecticut is going to cost you. However, it can be nice to have professionals do your packing and unpacking for you. That’s going to cost a little extra.
  • Time of the year: Moving in the summer can cost from 20-30% more! Relocating to Connecticut when moving companies have less demand will certainly bring your costs down.

Options You Have When Moving to Connecticut

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hiring a professional mover to move to Connecticut will cost the most money but will require the least amount of work.

Below is a list of the best companies in Connecticut to hire for your move.

Company Quote Rating Price
Safeway Moving
Get A Quote
starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5
dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
American Van Lines
American Van Lines
Get A Quote
starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5
dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
International Van Lines
International Van Lines
Get A Quote
starstarstarstarstar 4.45 / 5
dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign

Other Moving to Connecticut options

  • Rent a Moving Truck: This is your typical rental from a company like U-Haul. This will require the most amount of work but is the cheapest option.
  • Rent a Moving Container: The pricing is a little more than a rental truck but less than a professional mover. This is a great option if you need storage with your move.
  • Use Freight Shipping: An option for cross-country moves.

How do I ship a car to Connecticut?

Just like booking a reputable mover, professional car shippers will apply know-how and experience to make sure that your car makes it unscathed during this long-distance move. Here are the top shippers:

Company Our Take Rating Price
SGT Auto Transport
Best for Overall Value
starstarstarstarstar 5 / 5
dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
Easy Auto Ship
Best for Quick Pick Up
starstarstarstarstar 4.8 / 5
dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
Ship A Car Direct
Best Insurance Coverage
starstarstarstarstar 4.75 / 5
dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign

Things to Know about your move to Connecticut

Although cost is certainly important, there are other factors that you should consider about your move.

  • State Licensing: The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) regulates in-state moving companies and taxi, trucking, and bus companies. In addition, customers are also protected from scam movers by regulations set forth by the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection.
  • Mover's Insurance: Released Value Protection is the most economical option because it doesn’t cost anything. It is offered by movers at no additional charge, but the protection is minimal. Under this option, the mover is responsible for no more than 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if your mover lost or damaged a 50 inch TV weighing 25 pounds, you would only receive $15 (60 cents x 25 pounds). If you need for the full value of your items to be covered, please consult with the moving company you're hiring for other options or a third-party insurance provider.
  • Weather: Connecticut has decent weather, is familiar to any east coast native. In the North, there tend to be cold winters with moderate snowfall and hot, humid summers. In the South, there are cool winters with a mix of rain and infrequent snow, and hot humid summers.

What is the cheapest way to move to Connecticut?

Consider the particularities of your move. For some people, it’s cheaper to rent a moving container, but for others, it makes more sense to hire a professional moving company. To get the best idea of which option is best for you, we have a moving cost calculator that will give you a free, personalized, and instant quote.

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