What Is The Cost To Move In Philadelphia?

philadelphia moving cost

Philadelphia isn’t the most expensive city in the Northeast but it’s definitely not a cheap place to live either.

Here we’ll lay out 3 different options and break down all the costs for moving locally in Philadelphia.

If you’re moving to Philly from long distance, check out our moving price estimator to get a full breakdown on interstate moving options.

Moving locally in the area instead? These are the best Philadelphia movers.

Average cost to hire a moving company in Philadelphia

Hiring a moving company is going to be the most convenient choice but also the most costly.

Let’s take a look at the typical costs.

Home Size # of Movers Base Cost (2hrs) Cost/Hour # Hours Avg. Total
Studio 2 movers $260 $80/hr 3 hours $340
1 Bedroom 2 movers $260 $80/hr 4 hours $420
2 Bedroom 3 movers $325 $105/hr 6 hours $745
3 Bedroom 4 movers $410 $135/hr 7 hours $1085
4 Bedroom 4 movers $410 $135/hr 9 hours $1355
5 Bedroom+ 5 movers $520 $180/hr 12 hours $2320

Keep in mind these are just average costs.

If your one bedroom apartment also includes a grand piano or a really fragile china cabinet it’s probably going to cost a little more.

Also, if your building has a slow elevator or a lot of stairs these can make the move take longer.

One other tip, if you live in a highrise or managed apartment building you’ll want to check and see if the building requires a copy of the mover’s insurance.

The last thing you want is your move to be delayed while the mover’s scramble to find their insurance cards.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission also breaks down some of the rules and regs around hiring a mover on their website.

Okay, if hiring a moving company is outside your budget, consider renting a truck.

Average cost to rent a moving truck in Philadelphia

If you don’t mind doing the heavy lifting yourself, renting a truck can save you some serious cash.

Let’s take a look at some costs.

  • Base Cost: $20 – $40 per day
  • Mileage Fee: $0.65 – $0.99 per mile
  • Fuel: Depends on how far you drive
  • Truck Coverage: $14 – $40 based on coverage level
  • Parking Permit (if necessary): $25
  • Equipment Costs: Dolly, straps, blankets (optional)

So for a typical one bedroom apartment within 15 miles, you’re probably looking at $40 – $60 to rent a truck.

For a larger 5 bedroom home, you should budget closer to $150 – $170 for truck rental.

And if you don’t want to lift everything on your own, check out HireaHelper.com to hire moving labor help.

Where to rent a truck in Philadelphia

Lastly, there is one other self-service moving option to consider: the moving container.

Average cost to rent a moving container in Philadelphia

A moving container is basically like a portable storage shed.

zippyshell container diagram

The container is dropped off, you load it and then it’s picked back up and can be stored indefinitely.

The big advantage here is storage. If you have a gap in your lease moving containers can be a great solution.

Let’s break down the costs.

  • Storage Fee: $80 – $240 per 30 days
  • Initial Delivery Fee: $75 – $100
  • Final Delivery Fee: $75 – $100
  • Damage Coverage: $10 – $300 based on coverage level
  • Parking Permit (if necessary): $25
  • Door Lock (if necessary): $10 – $15
  • Equipment Costs: Dolly, straps, blankets (optional)

For a one bedroom apartment with 1-month storage, costs should run around $250 door-to-door. Keep in mind, that’s no labor included.

Larger moving containers can usually hold about 3 rooms before full. If your move requires an additional container you can basically double the cost.

If you want help loading the container checkout HireaHelper.com to hire moving labor help.

Where to rent a moving container in Philadelphia

Check out our moving container guide for more info.

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