Safeway Moving Systems Company Review

Overall Opinion: Safeway Moving Systems LLC, (USDOT# 3166589), is a veteran-owned moving company with the mission to offer military precision relocation. Safeway offers very competitive pricing because they have access to a huge network of truck capacity across the country.

Their multi-stage quality assurance process also ensures moves go smoothly from pickup to delivery. This focus on quality and affordable pricing is a huge reason why Safeway made our best interstate moving companies list.

Safeway Moving Systems     4.5 out of 5.0 stars


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Safeway Moving Systems: Moving Services Available:

Based in Chicago, IL, Safeway Moving Systems LLC is a well-established broker that focuses primarily on cross-country or long-distance moves. They are affiliated with the Safeway Logistics subsidiary that is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Long-distance moves: Services are available nationwide.
  • Storage services: Offers customers 30 days of complimentary storage in the destination city. No further details regarding storage options are available.
  • Loading and unloading services: Very minimal details provided on the company website
  • Packing and unpacking services: Very minimal details provided on the company website

Safeway Moving Systems: Pros and Cons Summary:

We have identified some of their strengths and weaknesses.

The Good: Requires Carriers to Have Extra Liability Insurance

The company website explains that they require carriers that perform moving services to maintain a minimum of $1 million in insurance coverage.

This is a 25% increase over the current federal requirement of $750,000. They explain that this requirement was implemented because many condo associations require this higher minimum coverage level.

The Bad: Poor Communications and Disclosure of Agreement Terms

Complaints about Safeway are inline with the most common complaints we see across all moving companies. The two most common communication problems involve the variables that may change the quoted price and the timing the moving truck will arrive for packing, loading, etc.

Some Safeway customers were caught off guard when the final billing calculation was made. Others accused the carrier of showing up the next day or delaying the arrival time last minute.

While these and other terms are clearly stated within the contract the customer signs, customers commonly pay little attention to these critical details until there is an issue. For example, the quoted price was based on 100 cubic feet of space, and the actual amount of space necessary was 120 cubic feet will usually result in an increase in price. Again, there are plenty of legitimate reasons an estimate can be adjusted on move day and Safeway follows industry best practices in this regard.

The other common occurrence is the customer who speaks with the Safeway sales rep often feels that the day they requested for the truck’s arrival for moving was confirmed. Often, the sales representative will verbally confirm or suggest that the customer’s scheduling request will be honored.

Standard industry practice generally affords the carrier room (usually 48 hours) to actually arrive. Safeway does seem to make a good effort to keep customers updated as arrival gets closer.


  • Currently maintains representatives available via phone 7 days a week. (Mon-Wed: 8a-8p; Thurs-Fri: 8a -9p; Sat-Sun: 8a-4p)
  • They emphasize a commitment to pricing transparency without any hidden fees or add-on costs
  • Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Proudly a U.S. Veteran owned company
  • They have a sponsorship arrangement in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


  • The company website contains very little information and currently has only a home, long-distance, and contact page. (Storage services link not operable)
  • No local moving services offered
  • Require a deposit at booking
  • No online shipment tracking option

Cost and Affordability

Obtaining a price quote requires speaking with a company representative. No instant or ballpark pricing is available from the website. Safeway promotes their binding estimate that has no “hidden” surcharges or fees.

They are currently offering a $100 discount voucher toward packing materials such as boxes and tape as part of their St. Jude sponsorship program. It’s not unusual to speak to a representative, but many professional movers will give you a ballpark on their website about the cost of moving to a new home depending on your household goods.

For a quick personalized quote from a top mover, check out our moving cost calculator.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

On Yelp, Safeway Moving Systems has merely eight reviews with an overall rating of 1 star. It is important to recognize that Safeway Moving Company also has a page on this platform with significantly more reviews. It is a strong possibility that some complaints may have been accidentally misdirected among these two separate organizations.

Safeway Moving Systems LLC is registered with the USDOT has an overall rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of A-. They had previously maintained a perfect rating; however, the BBB has received 19 complaints in the prior three years and 11 complaints in the past 12 months.

The BBB explained that at least one “unresolved” complaint prompted the lower rating.

Many of the BBB complaints involved delays in arriving for pick up and others where they didn’t reach the destination according to schedule.

Some customers seem to misunderstand that the pickup date on the agreement generally has a two-day “window” of time. A couple of complaints were from those who had overlooked that part of the contract.

Some of the complaints involved customers who had an unpleasant moving experience and were abruptly surprised when they realized that Safeway contracts with carriers to perform the move. A few of these individuals felt that they were duped into believing that Safeway was not simply a broker.

A company representative does respond to most complaints and makes a genuine effort to resolve concerns. It’s interesting to note that all current BBB complaints were classified as delivery issues or product and service problems. (see chart)

Nature of Complaint (BBB) 3-Year Totals
Advertising/Sales 0
Billing/Collections 0
Delivery Issues 9
Guarantee/Warranty 0
Problem with a Product or Service 10

Should You Consider Safeway Moving Systems for a Move?

If you’ve done any research on the moving industry you’ll know moves rarely go perfect. There is always some kind of issue; some worse than others. And problems typically stem from some kind of miscommunication.

What’s unique about Safeway is they’ve built a system of followup and quality assurance throughout the moving process.

This greatly reduces the frequency of problems. The company’s focus on quality is a big reason why they made our best interstate moving companies list.